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  1. Awesome customer service
  2. New product: Banzai Racing Starter Cut Relay Bybass FC & FD
  3. New Product: GSL-SE Polyurethane Motor Mounts
  4. Great service from Banzai Racing!
  5. Great support!
  6. New product: Banzai Racing Billet Aluminum E-Brake Buttons
  7. Thumbs up to Banzai Racing
  8. New product: Banzai Racing Starter Relay Kit
  9. Banzai Racing Rx8 braided Oil Lines
  10. New Product: Cosmo 20B Throttle Cable Bracket Kit
  11. New Product Dual Belt FD Alternator Pulley Kit 79-91 RX-7
  12. New Product: PFC Commander Holders for the RHD FD & FC
  13. New Product: High Torque 2KW Starter for 87-91 Turbo II RX-7
  14. Aftermarket Alternator/Pulley Fitment
  15. Banzai Racing Instruction PROBLEMS
  16. 13B Turbo Powered Sandrail
  17. Holley Dynamat
  18. New Product: 13B-REW Low Profile Oil Pan Kit
  19. New Product: High Torque 2KW Starter for 93+ RX-7
  20. New Product: S5 FC 13B Thermostat Housing Flange
  21. New Product: FD3s Power FC Commander Holder (94-95 Only)
  22. New Product: 13B-REW FD Thermostat Housing Flange
  23. Banzai Racing 20B FD featured on ScottieDTV
  24. New Product: Banzai Racing RX-8 13B-REW Crossmember (04+ RX-8)
  25. New Product: FD Single Belt Main Pulley
  26. New Product: Banzai Racing FD Oil Cooler Bracket Kit
  27. Banzai Racing 93 BB Touring Automatic Project
  28. New Product: Adjustable Tension Alternator Bracket For 79-91
  29. New Product: Banzai Racing Transmission Crossmember (93+ RX-7)
  30. New Product: Banzai Racing FD3s 3 Bar Map Sensor Bracket
  31. PFC Commander Holder for FC3S
  32. New Product: Banzai Racing Transmission Brace
  33. Wastegate Solution for HKS Manifold Users
  34. Banzai Racing 20B GT42RS 93 FD
  35. Update: 91 Vert 435 rwhp
  36. 91 Vert 402.5rwhp
  37. Banzai Racing 20B Oil Pan Brace Installation How-To
  38. FD block off plate locations
  39. Banzai Racing S4 & S5 BOP kits
  40. Banzai Racing 91 Vert 13b-re project
  41. Banzai Racing FD & 13B-RE OMP Delete Kits
  42. ECU Options for Automatic Owners