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  1. Typical turn around time?
  2. Forged Carbon parts?
  3. 99 spec rear wing
  4. New Vacuum Infused HybridCarbon™ material. Flexible Carbon Fiber
  5. Social Media
  6. FC3S Type 1 front bumper fitment
  7. Front Under Sweep for AD Bumper
  8. Shipping to uk?
  9. New! FD3S: Auto Exe Style sideskirts / sidesteps
  10. interior
  11. FD3S: RE-Amemiya Rear "Street" Diffuser. New mold* Slightly redesigned.
  12. FD3S: New FEED HOOD. Revised and Revived!
  13. FD OEM Style Rear Overfenders?
  14. FD3S-Fndduct-OEM FD3S Rx7 OEM Style Fender Air Ducts Install?
  15. TCP Magic GFace...?
  16. Kazama Wide Body Kit
  17. OEM 99-Spec Bumpers and accessories
  18. SEIBON CARBON: We are now an Authorized Distributor for SEIBON Products
  19. FD3S: Feed Lens Covers for Feed Front Bumper. Who's interested?
  20. FD3S: Mazdaspeed 99 spec replica front lip. Coming soon.
  21. Looking for europeans/germans interested in joining a group buy for Shineauto parts
  22. FD3S: Espirit Style Taillight Cover. New item!
  23. FD3S: RE-Amemiya AD GT w/ 05 version front bumper. Coming very soon.
  24. Good Job on Feed Replicas
  25. Re Amemiya AD
  26. BAD CF 99 spec lip!
  27. thank you Ken
  28. Type 1 lip
  29. BN Sports FC3S Kit?
  30. Feed fenders
  31. getting another gas door lid
  32. FC3S Idle valve for air-conditioning
  33. Rx7 Spec G Roof Spoiler for 93 Fd's
  34. FC3s undertray interest?
  35. Front Wide Fenders 20mm
  36. Shine still in business?
  37. Feed Hood Groupbuy Please?
  38. Trouble Contacting
  39. Feed rear fenders gas cap included?
  40. 1 Piece 99' Spec Front Lip with Protection Bumpers
  41. FD3S RX-7 Spec-B Full Aero question
  42. difficulty for placing orders
  43. shipping and fitment question
  44. Interest Thread: Mazdaspeed Spec-R Front Aero Bumper Replica
  45. New JDM Plain Weave Carbon Kevlar fabric option now available.
  46. FD3s Rain gaurds
  47. Huge thank you to Ken!!!
  48. we need FORESIGHT rear lower fenders...
  49. erebuni rx7 wing fc wing
  50. How to contact?
  51. S4 FC3S Type 1 option??
  52. Front bumpers and Rebar
  53. shines web site work? for ordering
  54. Another group buy
  55. Operations closed from Dec 24th - Jan 2nd & Moving to a new facility
  56. Contact info!!!
  57. New Website 2012! FD3s and FC3S sections available.
  58. FD3S spec -s bumper needs lip
  59. Shine Auto Project split shipping costs Toronto
  60. Product Request: FD RE-A AD GT Kit Components
  61. How has Shine been doing customer wise?
  62. Aftermarket front lips for FD please :)
  63. FD Drop Vent Hood for V-Mount equipped cars
  64. Hey ShineAuto, came across this...
  65. FC3S: Carbon Radiator Panel?
  66. Feed style side skirts
  67. Wheel well liners with the wide front fenders.
  68. Does shine ever answer there phone??
  69. CF FC3s DOORS
  70. FC3S Knightsports adjustable wing?
  71. Trying to locate Shine auto
  72. AFFLUX V FD Kit, Can you make this kit affordable?
  73. having trouble contacting you guys...
  74. Rear windshield spoiler
  75. FD3S: 99 Spec Carbon Fiber Lip (OEM Style) 1-piece design. *New*
  76. FC3S: Garage BB Style GT Wing *New*
  77. Side skirts.
  78. No replies ?
  79. carbonfiber and fiberglass pieces Vendor help
  80. Email
  81. missing hood
  82. would kill for panspeed
  83. Trouble getting a hold of Shine Auto Project.
  84. Shine Auto Project Wide Body Drift FC
  85. Foresight 45mm Front Fenders FC3S
  86. Fron Bumper Fitment
  87. Foresight 35mm Rear Overs
  88. hello?
  89. Re Gt Wing
  90. Rotary Run Racing headlight housings
  91. Shine's Universal Diffuser on an FD
  92. Anyone been able to get ahold of Shine lately?
  93. Full underbody for the FD
  94. FC undertray?
  95. This rear end!?
  96. How to install Feed rear fenders?
  97. Shineautoproject FC widefenders!
  98. Mazdaspeed GT-C clone
  99. Widebody Front Fenders 4 FC RX7
  100. Re Amemiya AD9 bonnet clone
  101. FD3S: Mazdaspeed GTC Front Bumper
  102. Gauging interest in having the OEM rear valance reproduced in carbon
  103. Headlight covers
  104. Spec-M (Mazdaspeed Style) Front Lip Spoiler
  105. FC3S aero parts available?
  106. Msports kit for FD?
  107. Burnout vs. Sanai: Need help with dimensions
  108. carbon top for vert
  109. FD Chargespeed Widebody
  110. Shineauto group buy
  111. Burnout kit , Backspacing for the front ??
  112. R-Magic FD?
  113. Any interest for Saskatoon GB?
  114. Do you guys make these fenders?
  115. FC3S: S4 front lip (Modified 626 lip) Group Interest!
  117. Fc2000 Canards
  118. Rear "Super Canards"
  119. FD Interior Pieces Interest
  120. Any Black Friday specials?
  121. FC3S carbon dashboard?
  122. FC3S: 30mm wide front AND 30mm wide rear fenders
  123. FD CF fender vents?
  124. Will you make these Diffuser?
  125. Product request: FD Window visor
  126. Feed Type II Spoiler
  127. Super now FC3S clone
  128. R-magic vented hood????
  129. FC Aero Kit, Undertray
  130. Interested in  FD3S: KS – Auto Burnout Style rear bumper SHIELD (from exhaust flames
  131. FD Wheel Sizes/Offsets with FEED Front Fenders, Stock Rears
  132. Where to get FEED Lights for FEED Bumper?
  133. FD3S: Potential lip for 99 spec bumper ??
  134. FD3S: Bringing back the Spec-G rear roof spoiler
  135. FC3S: Panspeed Style Drop Vented Hood
  136. Shine Auto Project: Letter to Shine customers ... Company Update 2009!
  137. Attn: Ken ---- Missing Supra TT Diffuser + Vortex Gens, and Center Piece Brackets
  138. FC3S: The thread you wanted! Full R-Magic Aero, Including Whale tail!
  139. Screens for burnout bumper?
  140. Fc3s hood. Who's making it?
  141. Completed FC3S Shine cars.
  142. Not too bad for garage work....
  143. Could you make this simple hood?
  144. FB/SA: IMSA GTU duck bill wing?
  145. SE3P Stuff
  146. Pre painting pics of Shines FC2000 Front Cowl and Sidesteps
  147. FC2000 front bumper
  148. Feed style side steps
  149. Instructions for CF canards?
  150. FD3S: Opinions/Pics, decision making
  151. CF insert for '99+ oem wing?
  152. RE FEED and Burn out from shine enjoy
  153. Pics of your FC front lip spoilers?
  154. FC stock replacement bumper??
  155. FC3S Eastbear east bear headlights
  156. FC3S Carbon Fiber Interior
  157. R-magic Aero kit
  158. Pics of RE Type-1 Front Bumper?
  159. FD3S: DRY Carbon Fiber OEM Rear Hatch
  160. FC FRP Undertray
  161. Shine Auto Project Website: Need Feedback !
  162. FEED Luggage Box FD3S RX-7?
  163. Front aero bumper FC3S, turn signals etc..
  164. Make an undertray for FC's please!
  165. Canards for 99 spec bumper
  166. FC3s: Looking for some new parts, What are my options?
  167. Interest in Mazdaspeed 15th Anniversary wing?
  168. FD3S: New Undetray for 99 Spec Front Bumper... Possibly others?
  169. FD3S: Sanai type Front Fenders... Any Interest?
  170. FD3S/FC3S: Any demand for Vacuum Infused Dry Carbon Doors?
  171. FD3S: Any Interest in Voltex Style GT Wing
  172. top fuel spoiler for fd
  173. Super Greddy 7 rear bumper kit.
  174. FC3S: My project
  175. fender mirrors
  176. International Inquirers/Customers/Buyers.. Please look here! Important Info!
  177. Possible Scoot Hood Replica?
  178. When will the website be done?
  179. Is Shine on holiday??
  180. FC Rear Cargo Cover?
  181. Shine's Demo FC3S exterior complete....
  182. anyone know shine's new phone #?
  183. RE-Amemiya Carbon Fiber Fender Vents
  184. Mud Flaps
  185. RE Amemiya Hood
  186. Erebuni Super style wing
  187. Carbon Fiber Interior
  188. my car with shine auto parts
  189. Do the FRP bumpers need the bumper support?
  190. Kamei front air dam? FB question
  191. FD3S: RE-A Type R Spoiler
  192. FC Sunroof panel?
  194. Fenders ! ! !
  195. FC Ventless Fenders...?
  196. Shine should make this for FD
  197. Product Request: Front Canards
  198. RE Amemiya Wide Bodykit For FC3S
  199. CF door handles and CF lower vent for FD
  200. FD: RE-A GT Wing
  201. FC3S: Wangan Style Wing made by JRX Rotary now offered by Shine
  202. R Magic Wing replicas! Who wants one?
  203. Product Request...for FC3S
  204. Burnout Bumper W/Sanai Sides
  205. FC Front half bumper shine fitting
  206. ORIGIN LAB 50mm Rear Over Fender
  207. FC2000 Headlights
  208. Orgin kit
  209. FD3S: Craftsquare Style CF rear add-ons.
  210. FD3S: Low Profile Spoiler ! It's about freakin' time.
  211. RE-Amemiya Full GT kit. Big Project. Yay or Nay??
  212. 99 spec cf front lip
  213. turn signals for the fc 2000 bodykit
  214. Shine Rx7 Aero Build. Wheel fitment questions. Answers here!
  215. The Other Re-amemiya Bumper
  216. C.f. Doors And Hatch Mabye
  217. RE style TII reverse hood vents
  218. FC3S hoods
  219. FD3S Carbon fiber headlights???
  220. ?`rear spoiler on top of rear hatch?
  221. Happy Holidays!
  222. Tamon Design Replica
  223. Panspeed Front bumper
  224. FC3S! RE-Amemiya Vented Hood Scoop?
  225. Tamondesign
  226. Carbon fiber front bumper spliters
  227. OEM rear mud flaps?
  228. 350z stuff.
  229. FD- Carbon Fiber interior plastics - GB Interest
  230. Shine BBQ thread. New pics!
  231. Shine Gpsport repilca HELP
  232. Feed front fenders - available?
  233. re amemiya facer 9 front bumper
  234. CF Sunroof panels
  235. wtb 30mm foresight front fenders
  236. You guys still going to reproduce the Odula OEM sideskirt undersides??
  237. Ebay
  238. Product Request: Axia/ Ken Style Diffuser
  239. craft company rear canards FD3S
  240. whats up with your main site?
  241. Turbo II front Lip and Sideskirts
  242. FC3S Amemiya Wing!!!
  243. Tamon Design FC Spoiler Thread
  244. Pics of my Shine Half Bumper on 89 Vert
  245. FC3S bumper guard!!
  246. Prospective Front Bumper for ShineAuto?
  247. .
  248. R-magic
  249. Any install tips?
  250. Yo, this is Matt, kit pics needed!