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RotorFrank 05-04-07 08:02 AM

Single setup : Oil banjo bolt size?
Here is my problem, I purchased a GT35R kit from Rx7store.net, I was going the piping yesterday and noticed that my kit is missing the banjo bolt that lets you replace the hardline by that braided line. I got the line alright, but not the banjo itself.
This is the piece im missing, its not the bango, its the oil tip.

I don't know yet because rx7store is closed at this hour and working on a very tight schedule because they are moving I think. But lets sya they dont have it in stock, does anyone know where I could get one shipped next day?


KINETIK_FD3S 05-04-07 08:30 AM

atpturbo.com - call



RotorFrank 05-04-07 09:13 AM

Would you know the pitch of the thread on that oil pass??? It would help. -4AN

KINETIK_FD3S 05-04-07 10:20 AM

yup, 12mmx1.5


RotorFrank 05-04-07 10:25 AM

Those are the bolts, i was looking for the ring. the one in the picture i posted.
But I think im gonna go to a local shop a get a press fit.

KINETIK_FD3S 05-04-07 10:39 AM

you said you where missing the banjo bolt and the picture you posted is missing one so that what i looked for.

so you need the banjo fitting. also at ATP

cewrx7r1 05-04-07 07:20 PM

I think it is 14MM 1.5 pitch.

bobybeach 05-04-07 09:30 PM

that is a 12mm banjo with most likely a -4 SAE male end.

I too soon will be supplying fittings like this

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