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Madee 05-01-07 04:40 AM

EGT Probe Install Problem
Installing an A-Spec GT40 kit on my FD. Previous owner had welded in two 1/8 pipe fitting bungs into exhaust manifold for EGT probes. Bought the Pineapple Racing dual EGT kit. Fitting appears correct but the actual probe diameter is too large for the hole. If it was on the bench, I'd enlarge the hole, no problem. Unfortunately, the turbo kit is on the car. Only options I see are to find another K-type thermocoupler with a smaller diameter probe (initial internet search was unsuccessful) or pull the turbo, manifold, etc.

Anyone know where I might find such a thermocoupler or have an alternate idea?

Madee 05-02-07 02:32 AM


hondahater 05-02-07 06:48 AM

let me get to the shop today and I've got a place that someone else showed me where to get type k thermo couplers and it's pretty skinny. I'll give you a link when I get to the office as it's saved over there in my favorites.

classicauto 05-08-07 02:53 PM

where is the probe? If its post turbo just drill it....a few shavings won't hurt your muffler.

sereneseven 05-08-07 04:56 PM

if you decide to get a different probe just go strait to the source Omega.com they will custom build you any probe ushually in under a week and less than $30ea.

Madee 05-08-07 07:02 PM

The probes are pre turbo so drilling without removing is not an option.

Thanks. I'll give Omega a look.

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