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Derek10AE 01-19-08 10:37 AM

New SE moderator
Hey guys/gals I wanted to let everyone know I will be helping Directfreak mod the SE section of the forum and tell a little about myself. I have been a rx7 owner since 2001 when I bought my first TII. Over the last seven years I have owned a few different 2nd gens(NA, TII, turbo conversion) and a 3rd gen for a brief period of time. Currently I am 88 10AE owner. Recently had the car tuned by Steve Kan and put down 309 rwhp on stock ports and not so great compression. I have set a new goal to reach 400 rwhp with the car in the next year and a half to two years(wish me luck :)). I live in South Carolina and am fairly active with the SC rx7 club, although my new work schedule has not been very cooperative with this lately.

Enough about me though, if there is anything you guys need from me, sticking, merging posts, deleting, ect. feel free to let me know. If there is anything I can help out with please pm, im, or email me. The SE section of the board is my most visited area, thanks to everyone here for making it an enjoyable and informative place to hang out. Looking forward to serving the SE community!


NoviceRotaryTech. 01-19-08 01:13 PM

hey hey, congrats! :)

Torque South 01-19-08 03:34 PM


dregg100 01-20-08 01:11 PM

we are all doomed!!!

Derek10AE 01-23-08 03:41 PM

The SE section will never be the same...:devil:

I appreciate the welcomes and the congrats guys!

RRTEC 01-23-08 03:56 PM

So do mods get paid??lol I spend way too much time on here and have owned 21 rx-7's....... when is that going to start paying off?..lol

djjjr42 01-25-08 04:47 PM

Wtg Derek!

LizardFC 01-29-08 07:50 PM

May your rise to power be swift and cruel! I mean... welcome! :D

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