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HKS7fanatic 04-21-06 02:49 PM

I have to sell my car :(
hey guys, unforuantely it turns out i do have to sell my car. i wanted any SoFla guys to have first stab at it before i had to head back home to Mississippi in May. Here is the link to the thread in the For Sale section. thanks guys.


Integral 04-22-06 11:56 PM

dude where are you from in MS...i grew up and lived in pass christian until i left for college...now as you know...the coast is toast :\

anyways, gl selling the car, it's awesome.

HKS7fanatic 04-24-06 08:33 AM

thanks man. i'm from oxford. if you're from mississippi, u know about ole miss. hopefully i can sell it before having to return there. import scene is kinda slow in that region.

Integral 04-24-06 09:55 AM

hah, yea everything is "slow" in that region :p

oneflytrini 04-24-06 10:36 AM

Good luck dude, your car was nice ;)

MaxRX7 04-24-06 03:40 PM

A fellow 'Cane and don't mention it :ugh2:

FD3S2005 04-24-06 03:45 PM

why are you selling it?

HKS7fanatic 04-24-06 11:49 PM

Originally Posted by Integral
hah, yea everything is "slow" in that region :p

oh so tru :)

Originally Posted by FD3S2005
why are you selling it?

sigh, there are just a buncha things that i have to fix to get it running right because it's a daily driver for me, and the money i was saving up for a single project is being eaten up by other things going wrong, and my dad refuses to help pay for the things needed to be fixed because they cost so much. so i just need to get out of it. in november the clutch fork and clutch release bearing went out on me on US1 and that cost $600. now the timing case gasket needs to be replaced, another $700 job, and all this doesnt fit my budget right now being a poor college student on top of the fact my family is having some financial issues and using it as a daily driver w/ NO A/C, holy hot! im sure that was more than what u were wanting but that's really the reasons why. i'd love a SoFla guy to get it so i can still see it around when i come back to school.

jeff_man 04-25-06 02:19 AM

why must i be to poor to get me a nice Rx =(

KeloidJonesJr. 04-25-06 03:11 PM

NO WAI!!!!a

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