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turbo2ltr 04-11-12 12:10 PM

Official Android Rtek Thread
DTI has committed to porting the PocketLOGGER RX7 software that currently runs on the PalmOS platform to Android.

This post will be updated with the latest information. You can consider this information the latest information available so don't ask something that's answered here and expect a different answer. It is also preliminary and subject to change at any time.

Use of the Android platform will not require any ECU modifications. It will consist of an Android app and a Bluetooth dongle will connect to the existing DB9 connector on the stage 2 ECUs. The dongle will also need to be wired to 12V ignition-switched power.

System Requirements
A phone or tablet running Android 2.2 (possibly 2.1) with a bluetooth radio that supports SPP.

Confirmed device list
More will be added as they are tested.
  • Motorola Admiral (2.3.5)
  • Vizio VTAB1008 (2.3.2)

The Android port will consist of all the features of the Palm OS version. In addition, these features will be added (subject to change):
  • offline map editing
  • multiple cell editing, smoothing/fill, interpolation
  • export logs and maps to SD card
  • smoothing function for the datalogs.
  • bug fixes from the PalmOS version (AFM Temp, Parameter limit)

Feature Requests
These features are being considered but may not be included in the first release.
  • HP/TQ estimator

Details are sparse at this point. We are shooting for under $50 for the dongle and app but this is subject to change.

Beta Testing
We are collecting information on people that wish to beta test.* In the past, our beta programs have been a complete disaster. On multiple occasions, I've sent pre-production hardware to a well vetted tester only to never to hear from them again. Well no more, I'm sorry to say. We can't afford to lose that kind of money. While we don't know the exact cost (or even a guess) at this time, there will be no freebies anymore. So please only fill out the form if you are OK with paying to test.

Current State of Development
Currently we are starting with the N332 ECU. The rest of the ECUs will be added later (but before the first release)

  • Basic BT communication subsystems
  • Java class for N332
  • ECU Setup screens (Injector selection, Staging RPM, Var Res, EGR, ATP,Reset, BBT)
  • Dongle schematic
  • Dongle initial board layout
  • Prototype BT dongle assembled and working
  • Displaying realtime data
  • Selecting parameters to log

  • Logging realtime data

  • Application Preference system
  • Displaying maps
  • Changing maps
  • Loading and saving maps
  • Displaying saved logs
  • Diagnostics (Errors, Inputs, Outputs)
  • Create java classes for other three ECUs
  • Ecu setup screens for options not in the N332
  • BT Dongle design finalized and approved for RTM
  • BT Dongle first batch boards made and parts ordered

10/22/2012: Updated todo/working on
9/18/2012: Added beta testing info
4/24/2012: Updated todo/working on, added screenshots, Updated logging speed FAQ
4/13/2012: Inital post

turbo2ltr 04-11-12 12:10 PM


How do I know if my device supports SPP. And what is SPP?
SPP is short for Serial Port Profile. It's a protocol within the Bluetooth standard for using bluetooth for a serial connection.

At this time, we don't know of a definitive way of knowing whether a particular device supports SPP other than checking with the manufacturer. We will update this in the future when more is known.

Will logging be as fast as before?
We have done some testing and we have several options, with each option having it's own advantages and issues. Our current setup we are only slightly slower than the Palm. But there is a very slight recurring pause in the data stream that may or may not be noticeable. Other options get rid of the pause and will probably increase sample rate, but require either an Rtek chip swap, or additional hardware in the BT Dongle.

Last Update 4/24/2012

turbo2ltr 04-11-12 12:10 PM


4/24/2012: (Vizio Tablet)


4/11/2012: (Motorola Admiral)
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-S...0409085843.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-3...0409085906.jpg

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/--...0409085924.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-b...0409092807.jpg

10/3/2012: (Motorola Admiral)

Dongle Mockup

Dongle Complete and working

Ozurdin 04-15-12 09:22 PM

omg yesssss thank you for trying to make this awesome idea!!!!

Ozurdin 04-15-12 09:43 PM

looked it up and im on the htc evo 4g and we do support spp and im on 2.3.5

Buggy 04-16-12 06:45 AM

This is fantastic! I was ready to sell my rtek and go to something else because of the outdated palm technology. Guess I'll keep it now!

fc3schick87 04-17-12 03:27 PM

thank you thank you thank you. right now im trying my hardest to get my old palm m100 to work with my new windows 7 pc with a serial port adapter to usb. its a headache getting it to retrofit to the old palm...

thanks! i'd pay 50$ for this !

HotRodMex 04-18-12 08:01 PM

This will surely make my decision between RTEK and MS.


fc3schick87 04-18-12 09:16 PM

Originally Posted by HotRodMex (Post 11060554)
This will surely make my decision between RTEK and MS.


ms sucks compared to rtek.... ms is a headache. rtek is plug and play....

sharingan 19 04-21-12 01:59 AM

This is awesome!

My new engine is high compression (9.4), so I have to stay under 15 psi anyway, and now with android on the horizon I don't see any reason to abandon the rtek like I feared I might have to.

As soon as that afm bites the dust this will be the best ecu for the 13bt ;). Seriously , thank you for responding to your customers, I will certainly pay for this upgrade when it becomes available.

turbo2ltr 04-24-12 10:42 AM

Updated screenshots, todos, faq

HotRodMex 05-02-12 08:07 PM

Originally Posted by fc3schick87 (Post 11060664)
ms sucks compared to rtek.... ms is a headache. rtek is plug and play....

I have been witness to a lot of MS headaches, but the work is getting easier with each version (and DIY-PNP kits) and the feature set is much larger.

I will not argue how foolproof RTEK is. I did not want to bumble through an outdated interface, however.

sharingan 19 05-04-12 08:29 PM

The MS has more features but boy is it a pain in the ass! From building it to tuning it, to adding components to the board to take full advantage of its capabilities. Add to that it is not supported by most tuners, and by the time you pay for the plug and play, and harness, and sensors you could have gotten an EMS with a lot more features/ or rotary specific support.

It would be nice to get rid of the AFM, but my goals for the current engine (300 ft/lbs on a stock port s5 T2 w/ 9.4 rotors) do not require it just yet. So it will be nice to be able to tune the rtek on a device where the battery life is measured in hrs instead of seconds, and not have to worry about my passenger crushing my serial cable.

Hooray Android!

SpikeDerailed 05-05-12 12:03 AM

I am getting ready for a tii swap, and that includes bigger injectors and a bnr stage 2 or 3, so rtek is definitely happening. If this is close to coming to production ill gladly wait a short while and just nurse the n/a along(or blow it up and wait).

If adjustable fuel cranking maps could be added to the N370 that would be awesome, though I do not know if thats a limitation of the ecu or not.

XLR8 05-14-12 04:15 PM

You just greatly increased product appeal! Great work!!

Sgtbaker 05-24-12 05:11 PM

I sure hope this works on the Samsung Galaxy Tab I just bought!!!

Keep us updated. I'll buy it the day its released

sharingan 19 05-30-12 05:13 PM

I think my next phone purchase will coincide with the release of this update.....

Sgtbaker 06-12-12 06:16 PM

Eagerly awaiting a status update

Slammed_GSL 06-13-12 03:32 AM

Upgrading to Razor MAXX when this is ready, been waiting for a reason to upgrade and this it it! Going to make a cradle with car charger for the phone so it will be built into the center console....this is going to be sooooooo sweet.
Thanks guys!
Let me know if there is a "donation" paypal acct to send some funds to, it's well worth it.

linuxadickt 06-20-12 02:31 PM

rTek+Android = Love
Definitely subscribed to this. I'm so glad you guys decided to port. Palm OS sucks + the sketchy cables. BT Dongle even though bt is kinda sketch too would be AMAZING + not having to own a palm anymore, can just tune up on my phone or my Steak 7". LOVE IT, I'm alllll in

AbortRetryFail 07-03-12 02:20 PM

Can't wait for this one! If you guys need a beta tester for when you add N326 let me know :D

Silverfc88 07-03-12 11:20 PM

Definelty looking forward to this.

Clubuser 07-06-12 02:32 PM

Mr. M. "Rtek7" Montalvo, how's things coming along? :worship:

Slammed_GSL 07-09-12 02:14 AM

Upgraded to the Motorola Android Razzer, looking forward to making a dock for the phone with engine info rolling on the screen.

Dunnhopen 07-09-12 09:16 AM

I think it would be nice to have some nice landscape/Portrait visual options since these typically have nice screens and options for how people want to mount/view them would be nice. I would not make it anything that slows release of course ;)

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