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HRnico 08-25-14 11:27 PM

I'm stumped
Been searching here, Rtek website, and google. How do I get my logs out of the Palm Vx and on to my old PC running Windows XP thanks

AbortRetryFail 08-26-14 01:02 PM

You need to install Palm Desktop and connect it via a HotSync cable.

HRnico 08-26-14 02:36 PM

I've done that. What is the comand or key stroke to access the logs. When I open the Palm desk top software, I dont see anything but Palm functions. Thanks

SSRat 08-26-14 02:43 PM

I thought you need theplviewer.jar file and run that in java (j2se runtime evironment)
I havent tried putting my files over yet, but will soon. still need to get java for my pc.

HRnico 08-26-14 04:49 PM

I have the PLviewer.jar file on my desktop. not sure about the java. With the PLviewer window open, I go to > file, > open, but there are no files in the next window. This was after a hotsync. I can view the log on the Palm.

turbo2ltr 08-26-14 06:24 PM

Viewing Logs on a PC

SSRat 08-27-14 11:42 AM

when you open up plviewer and click file-open you should be able to go thru your folders on your computer and find where your pdb files are.
you may have to search your pc first to find where your files actually are, they may be in some random folder.
You using plviewer v2.05g? click help-about.

HRnico 08-29-14 12:31 AM

Thanks everyone, I found them. They are in a folder called "backup". I drug them onto the desk top, then open viewer and they appear. Thanks again

HRnico 09-19-14 04:47 PM

How to read index log?
I'm logging the Boost and RPM index. Is the first cells in each index 0 or 1
trying to figure out witch cell to make changes to.

HRnico 09-22-14 02:31 PM

water temp
is using the Palm to monitor coolant temp the best way. Dont want to rely on stock gauge. My car runs hot, been watching while I drive and logging temp. every thing I do to fix it has no effect on bringing temps down. stating to wonder if the values on Palm are correct.

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