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Mazsport 01-23-06 02:27 PM

Talented Rotary Techs Wanted
Mazsport is hiring talented, experienced rotary technicians. We offer top pay, weekends off and benefit package. If you have what it takes to work in a team oriented, fast paced, Rotary Performance environment, we would like to talk to you. Relocation expenses to the Tampa, St Petersburg Florida area will be considered for individuals that have at least 3 years rotary experience with diagnosis and repair, engine rebuilding, Turbo and performance part installs, welding, fabrication, electronic part installation, tuning on and off the Dyno, etc. Interested applicants, please email us a resume or call 800-538-9989.


Christy Glassburn

gmanuser 01-31-06 03:29 PM

i might be intersted in doing it at the end of this school year, i am a seniour in high school this year, i am an experianced welder (3 years basic and advanced certification) also worked for about 6 months in factory welding hand rails and structrual, i have personaly rebuilt a 12 a rx-7 and have worked on my 12a for about 2 years now

jgb989989 02-02-06 07:08 PM

very exprienced saturn tech with high performance back ground
michigan state master mechanic
let me know

GUITARJUNKIE28 02-02-06 07:40 PM

what kind of pay?

i wanna shut my home operation down before the city starts busting my balls.

riceburner1r2001 02-13-06 03:43 AM

man i thought u had a shop guitar

GUITARJUNKIE28 02-13-06 07:32 AM

it's a 20x30 steel building on the side of my bro's house, but i've totally outgrown it.

13b4me 02-13-06 09:23 AM

Oh snap... Dave's movin' east! :D

GUITARJUNKIE28 02-13-06 09:50 AM

probably not.

i don't think their insurance carrier is gonna like my driving record. but in my own defense, i drive 1000+ miles a week a lot of the time, so there's a lot more chance of me getting a ticket when i'm on the road 5x as much as normal people.

13b4me 02-13-06 09:54 AM

Haha the brutal honesty... :p:

riceburner1r2001 02-13-06 10:18 AM

well good luck :)

The Spyder 02-13-06 01:57 PM

If I only lived in florida....

socalrotor 02-13-06 02:05 PM

Originally Posted by GUITARJUNKIE28
probably not.

i don't think their insurance carrier is gonna like my driving record. but in my own defense, i drive 1000+ miles a week a lot of the time, so there's a lot more chance of me getting a ticket when i'm on the road 5x as much as normal people.

dude if you move, half the rexer's in the LA area will have to go back to the dealer :rlaugh:

GUITARJUNKIE28 02-13-06 06:05 PM

most of my friends started out as customers :)

CrackHeadMel 02-13-06 07:20 PM

Is the opening basicly for a person to do a little of everything you described?

I live in NH, but this is exactly the job ive been looking for, ust left a 'speedshop' but it was a 100% sales job which is not what i wanted. i am much better at building something.

would a 1 week 'feeler' be possible? i could come down for a week and work, and at the end of the week we could decide on something?


GUITARJUNKIE28 02-13-06 08:57 PM

i'd kill myself if i had to do sales.

although the last guy came in for a clutch and ended up with a single turbo 13bRE with a haltech... go me for the upsale :p:

CrackHeadMel 02-13-06 09:01 PM

you have no idea how much it sucks, expecialy when your hired with the understanding you will be doing the work, then i start, workes come in.. and i dont do it. infact im told 'its not part of my job'

GJ with pushing the products!

R.P.M. 02-16-06 01:56 AM

Hmmmm Florida eh?
I wouldn't have to shovel 5ft of snow every morning would I LOL
Damn Canada

fcdrifter13 02-16-06 05:56 AM

Damn I qualify for everything except one thing, I cant diagnos for shit on anything really. Oh well if your still looking when I get out of my highperformance classes let me know.

13b4me 02-16-06 08:41 AM

How are they supposed to know when you are out of your classes? Maybe letting them know would be a better option... ;)

fcdrifter13 02-16-06 09:34 AM

I wa just keeping conversation I dont get out of my accual tech classes for 2 more years then I have 4 more years of business classes to take. Im hoping to open up a shop one day.

Boswoj 02-18-06 12:55 PM

Telling them when his classes end probably won't offset comments like "I cant diagnos for shit" to a prospective employer. Call me old fashioned but if I am going to consider offering a job to someone, then that person is by definition important to my business. The gross majority of small businesses fail - they really need to be run and staffed well to survive for any amount of time at all. As you complete your education and move out into the world you might consider that most smart business people are going to be resistant to hiring applicants who start out by admitting that they are wasting their time by responding even though they don't meet the the required criteria. Additionally, demonstrating that you don't care enough to spell or punctuate properly as well as using "shit" as an icebreaker indicates that the 15 seconds wasted reading your post was just more time that we will never get back.

1234rotor 02-19-06 11:45 PM

Hmmm, Clearwater huh?

I tend to like that place.

I will work on an updated resume and send it your way.

Michael Reed

DavidDeco 07-23-06 07:09 PM

They need it
Good to hear Christy/Scott.

Maybe you can replace everyone you have and had worked there and rebuild an engine [without breaking things and overbilling] in less time than my wife conceived and had a baby like you did with me...but that would be a miracle for that shop.

[Note for all else - It took a court order to get my car back from these bozos. Nobody wants to stay there which is why they have no employees now.]

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