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Travis R 04-29-13 09:46 PM

semi-interesting FC parts weight
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I was finally able to weigh my stripped FC chassis last weekend. The only thing NOT removed from the car is the front crossmember, pedal assembly, and steering wheel/shaft. There might some other misc. things (few nuts/bolts, short pieces of hardline) here and there, but nothing significant.
Bare chassis weighs in at 646lbs
Drivetrain (engine, tranny, driveshaft... no intake/exhaust) weighs 364lbs.
I then loaded all the parts I have back into the chassis and re-weighed it. That came up to 1323lbs.
Minimum weight for an NA FC in SoloII F-Prepared is 1900lbs. So adding it up brings the current weight to 1687lbs. Which only leaves me 213lbs for all the things I don't have, like a cooling system, intake, exhaust, lexan, fuel cell, wiring, hood, etc.
So unless I find some place to lose a lot more weight, I'm pretty certain to be over the minimum. :(
I know I can save weight in the wheels, and I might be able to remake the rear trailing arms. I might not need the rear wide body fenders, but they're only about 5lbs.
Maybe I should just throw and LSx in it and go to XP. ;)

RockLobster 04-30-13 12:23 PM

Pull all the extra stuff, you mentioned off including the doors and you have 550lbs. (weighed it when we stripped a chassis completely)

The doors are really heavy.

Travis R 04-30-13 06:44 PM

I should weigh a door while I've got the scales. I've already gutted them, so I'm curious to see exactly how much I've taken out of them.

Travis R 04-30-13 09:49 PM

Damn! That stupid thing STILL weighs almost 30lbs. Definitely cutting more out of the door.

Josh18_2k 04-30-13 10:07 PM

anyone know what a bare vert shell weighs?

Brigdh 05-01-13 04:23 PM

Are you dead set on keeping the stock doors in some form? The XP and EP guys I know replaced their doors with molded plastic, and got them down to less than a pound a piece.

jgrewe 05-01-13 05:31 PM

Originally Posted by Josh18_2k (Post 11455303)
anyone know what a bare vert shell weighs?

Probably about 150lbs more than the coupe. Floor and rockers are twice as thick, extra layers in the cowl and pillars, extra bracing behind the doors.

The door bars on the FC are 11lbs each.

25XP 05-09-13 09:14 AM

Travis, nice data there.
My XP car weighed in on the SCCA scales at 2068 at the El Toro Pro. Personally I felt they were generous by about 10 pounds. Regardless, there is more weight I can shed.

I think you can be in the 1900's on an NA. I say that based on all the "extra" heavy items I have still have with my turbo car.
FMIC with loads of silicone hose, the turbo itself, swirl pot with extra fuel pump and filter. A full size deep cell battery. Factory turbo hood with headlight covers. Factory tie downs. This also includes a dual element wing and uprights as well as a front splitter and facia. I still retain the factory front and rear bumper covers.

Some places that I would like to investigate additional weight savings that cover any FC

Wildwood super drag brakes (possibly adapting the Mustang kit??)
Carbon or plastic door skins
Carbon rear hatch frame
One piece (eliminates headlight covers) Carbon hood
Carbon bumper covers

Keep up the good work..keep the ideas coming

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