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thetech 09-05-06 01:39 PM

SCCA legal FC Tow Hooks?
Hi guys,

Aside from the usual ebay style "universal" tow hooks, does anyone have any recommendations on SCCA legal tow hooks for an FC? I am finalizing the build on my E-Production car and forgot about these up until now!

Thanks in advance,

jgrewe 09-05-06 02:19 PM

In the front I added on to the stock hook that is recessed in the grill on the drivers side. I just took some 1/2" steel bar from Home Depot and made a "U" shape that is long enough to stick out from the grill 2".

In the rear I did a similar add on to the stock hook that is on the drivers side of the wheel well/frame rail. This one is pretty nice stock as it bolts to the car in more than one plane. I made the hook point down and back a bit and painted it red so "Tow truck guy" can see it easliy.
The extra strength of the rear one is nice because I think that is the end that will be used to pull the car out of the tire wall! The front will probably only have to handle a flat tow or be used to pull the car on to a flat bed(rolling).
If you want to see pictures let me know I'll go to the shop tomorrow and shoot a couple.

thetech 09-05-06 02:29 PM

Thanks jgrewe...I'm hoping to find something thats an easy bolton!

its66 09-05-06 03:04 PM

If you are looking for a very simple solution, check with ISC Racing. Mike has some SCCA legal hook and strap combinations which a lot of the IT guys down here use. IIRC, it just attaches to the factory tow hooks.

He is at ISCracing.net or 863-324-4539

Good luck

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