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Samps 01-02-03 07:31 AM

Rules for battery relocation?
I have relocated my battery into the trunk of my S5 vert. This summer I plan to auto-x and was wondering how the rules go with relocated batteries. Right now it is in the stock plastic box that used to be under the hood. I used the stock brace that goes across the top of the battery and drilled two holes in the trunk for the J-bolts. Right now the battery is secure enough that I can shake the whole car by shaking the battery. It will not move at all. But I have read that they are pretty strict about battery location and how well it is secured. I just don't want to drive up to an auto-x and get rejected for something I can fix easily now.

Samps 01-02-03 07:33 AM

Here is a pic of how it is now.


Rx7carl 01-02-03 08:12 AM

IIRC the tray its mounted to MUST be metal, so your bolts thru the structure should be ok. Security is what the techs focus on.

redrotorR1 01-02-03 08:42 AM

Should be fine. Techs will be more concerned about your safety; so as long as the battery is secure in its placement, you shouldn't have any problems. FYI, Street Prepared and beyond written regulations for battery relocation:

Relocation of the battery or batteries is permitted but not into the passenger compartment. If the battery is relocated and the original battery tray can be removed by simply unbolting it, the tray may be removed, or relocated with the battery. Holes may be drilled for mounting or passage of cables. Longer cables may be substituted to permit relocation. The number of battery or batteries may not be changed from stock. The area behind the rearmost seat is not considered to be within the passenger compartment.

Samps 01-02-03 01:43 PM

Thanks guys! I was concerned after reading that drag racers need to have their J-bolts welded shut if the battery is relocated into the trunk. I also added the inline fuse for some bonus protection.

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