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rob81gsl 04-24-06 11:12 PM

mid-ohio times??
i was at mid-ohio this past weekend for the NASA event, and i was curious about what kind of times the ITA and ITS guys usually run there. i would really like to know where i stand so i know if i am running comparable times. i was running 1-47's and 1-48's on the new aspault with the chicanne.


jgrewe 04-25-06 08:34 AM

That sounds like ITA times from 10 years ago when that was my home track. Check mylaps.com for current info.

C. Ludwig 04-25-06 09:14 AM

ITS record is 1:43.8. We consistently qualified under the record last year with a quick lap of a 1:43.3. We never got the record though as our quick race lap was a low 44. We won 5 of the 8 SCCA regionals and came 2nd in two others. Lost an engine in qualifying for the other.

Having said that the track surface is all new this year and the track will be uber fast. Combine that with a new Hoosier tire that will be slightly better than what we ran last year and I'm guessing the record will fall into the high 42s range depending on who shows up.

The A record actually fell below the S record last year. It's in the low to mid 43s range.

There are usually 4-5 fast guys that show up every weekend. The rest of the 25-30 car field will run times in the 46-48s range.

31rx7 04-25-06 08:15 PM

I have been away for two years, but as noted the ITA record was as fast / faster than the ITS record. However, the ITA record was a Honda CRX. In 2004, the fastest ITA RX7 was at 1 :46.8, and the best I got was in the 1:48.8 range. That was usually good for a trophy in a large ITA field, and was anywhere from 3rd to 6th in the ITA RX7's.

aussiesmg 04-25-06 08:39 PM

Not too shabby Rob...

rob81gsl 04-25-06 11:30 PM

that was my first time every going there and i had to really play with my setups from where i was running. i was getting faster everytime i got on track, i definatly feel 1.45's were EASILY reachable with a couple of more sessions of tuning the shocks and my lines. but at least i know i'm not like 10 seconds off or something stupid like that. definately looking foward to going back and getting it all dialed in.

Eagle7 04-26-06 05:44 AM

What are you driving, Rob?

rob81gsl 04-26-06 11:22 AM

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Basically its an ITA car, with mainly G-Force suspension, with the exception of i am running a weber carby and not the stock nikki heres a pic

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