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elwood 05-31-14 01:38 PM

Digital Laser Level Alignment Tool
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I saw somebody on another forum use a digital level to set camber. I wanted to zero mine in, so I bought a 24" digital laser level from Home Depot and started playing around. I taped on a couple of precision 1-2-3 blocks that I use with my drill press to allow it to kiss the rim at top and bottom.

The procedure is to put the level transverse on the floor, zero it, put it up against the wheel, then subtract 90deg from the reading. I was able to get repeatable numbers, and it reads to 1/10 degree (don't know exactly what the accuracy is).

Toe / Thrust Angle:

There's also a laser that shoots a beam directly out the end. I kept the blocks like they were and put it on the wheels horizontally. I set boards horizontally at 12 feet in front of the front axle and 12 feet behind the front axle. I marked the boards where the beams hit them and compared the distance between the marks front and rear to get toe. The nice thing about this is that any error in alignment of the laser is repeated when you flip the level to the opposite side, so it's effectively cancelled. (Didn't get pics of this part)

Since my rear axle links are adjustable, I used this method to zero out my thrust angle, too.

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