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KYMoonshine 03-20-06 01:44 AM

Auto X and the RX
I have been attending SCCA Autocrossing events for a few years here in my town, I really enjoy watching them, I have always wanted to do it but my 92 Dodge Stealth TT R/T VR4 is a bear to repair when it breaks(one broken transfer case would park the car) My brother has offered his 82 RX7 to turn into a "Autocross only" car, all it needs to move forward is the clutch he burned out doing powerbrakes. I was wondering what the rules were about just completly "gutting" the car of anything that dont make it funtion to remove weight (as I weigh 450lbs already) I don't really plan to do any/many upgrades till I drive the car awhile and learn it, then I would invest in power, tires, etc..so I guess my main question is can I take the car down to a couple seats and a drivetrain and still stay in the stock class? he claims the car is "extremly" strong and handles really well, Could I remove the rear swaybar and not move up in class? I know I need a rulebook and plan to buy one at the next event if they are offered, any info would be great. Thanks

By the way, I'm KyMoonshine and I'm glad to be here, I am a Aircooled VW Tech so if you have any questions about those I can help.. but now I call on your experiance.



Black91n/a 03-20-06 02:27 AM


The rule book is online, have fun reading.

Stock is VERY limited, a gutted interior definetely pushes you up in classing. The first gen is a good base for an autocrosser. Invest in seat time not mods.

Fish-N-Kid 03-27-06 05:03 PM

I have an '87 second gen and run in the stock class. that is all I do with the car is AutoX. Not a daily driver. Email me if you have ??s

[email protected]

JDuncan 04-08-06 10:40 AM

Which Kentucky region are you coming out to? CKR or KYR? If it is KYR, then feel free to look me up at an event. I have ran my previous 80 RX-7 in ES and CSP. My current 90 is built to run legal in SM2, EM, and BP, though I have only ran an evo school and one event in her. I'd be more than happy to go over your car with you. IF running with KYR, you may want to consider EM. It is a class that is open on mods, and already has several 1st gens to play with.

When you are just starting, don't worry about being competitive. Just come out, meet people and have fun. That is what it really is all about.

*Edit: Forgot to mention, to find me, look for my car (90 white RX-7 with black hood) or go by the timing trailer. My wife and I have been the T&S chiefs for the past couple of years.

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