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yogi 03-24-05 11:28 AM

Need headlights to suit 12A RX3 front end ???
Hi All,

it woud seem that here in Australia you can no longer get the correct head lights to suit the 12A RX3 front end. I was wondering if some kind soul would try and source them for me in the US ??? What I am after is 2 each of the following :- semi-sealed beam 5 3/4 inch flat glass head light surround in a H1 and H4 configuration and then post them back to me in Australia. I would of course fix you up for the cost.


rrr333777 03-25-05 08:48 PM


yogi 03-26-05 09:57 AM

I have actually looked on that sight and they seem to have the above issues ........ I wonder if you can no longer get this stuff any where !!!! Thanks any way :D

Matt22 03-26-05 01:38 PM

if you find them online. you can ship them to me and i would send them along. as I have done in the past for some other guys over there. lates matt22

Wankelguy 03-27-05 12:50 PM

What do you need? The buckets and the lamps?
I've got an extra set for '72-'73 US models around here somewhere.
I might be interested in trading for MK1 Fiesta parts.

yogi 03-28-05 09:22 PM

Thanks guy's .... It looks like I will just make do with what I can get locally :(

Redliner223 02-10-14 11:51 PM

Can't find rx3 headlights anywhere.
Where are you guys picking these up now?

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