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hornbm 12-01-13 01:10 PM

JC cosmo workshop manual and parts fiche?
I am heavily tossing around the idea of getting a JC cosmo in a couple years. There are however, a few things that concern me that I have the opportunity to get sorted out before I get one.

First of all, are there any clear complete PDF copies of the workshop manual and the parts fiche? The parts fiche is what worries me. I am visiting Japan next year, so if there is no copy out there, I might have the opportunity to get one.

I don't care if its translated or not.

hornbm 12-01-13 03:23 PM

Found the parts manual here- would still be interested in the parts fiche

Eunos Cosmo

diabolical1 12-01-13 04:49 PM

have you tried tracking down DMRH?

hornbm 12-03-13 11:47 AM

I would love to- but that site is gone. Any way to get a hold of the owner?

diabolical1 12-03-13 03:32 PM

Originally Posted by hornbm (Post 11633883)
Any way to get a hold of the owner?

i'm sure there has to be, but i certainly don't know how. sorry.

i just thought of this though. maybe try contacting Herblenny? at least he's still around. if i recall, i think he has/had a JC in this country. also, he seems to have a strong network of people and a knack for locating things mere mortals can't.

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