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Alpine 08-27-15 11:30 PM

Fc lt12 a/c
Hi guys,

My 88 10th AE FC has LT12 installed, and I recently got the A/C system recharged and working.

The car normally idles at 900rpm with a/c off, but when a/c turns on the idle drops to 600rpm, and extremely likely to stall when engaging the clutch in 1st gear.

I'm not familiar with the Microtech system, is there anyway to solve this?

Aaron Cake 08-29-15 10:39 AM

Does your LT12 have the idle valve option installed? If so you can put the BAC valve on the white wire, then use the aux input (uh, blue?) to trigger an increase in BAC with the aux_air function.

Alpine 09-02-15 10:55 PM

Thanks ! I'm not sure if it has the BAC option or not, is there anyway to find out?

Aaron Cake 09-05-15 09:42 AM

Check your receipt from Microtech. :) Beyond that I don't know other than connecting up the BAC and trying to use the aux_air and related functions.

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