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hIGGI 02-19-18 06:09 PM

stock 13B-REW swapped FC
Its been some time , but lets try something new.

My latest FC, purchased in summer 2017 as roller.
1988 S4 TII , euro spec
Bad paint, few rust spots, 230 000km's or so on gauges.
Not much in engine bay, but over 18 years i have collected some parts, no big deal.

Over the 2017 in breaks between other projects and work i did some cleaning, body work, replaced both doors, rear bumper and tried to get a paintjob done by someone.

In beginning 2018 i removed newly built 13B-REW from white FD racecar, stripped it and started dressing it up into stock 1993 EU spec twinturbo.
EU harness, EU solenoids, EU ECU and harness
Ported wastegate and installed 90-85 fan switch. Oil pan brace installed.

Next step was to build patch harness which makes install sort of plug & play, keeping FD emissions harness untouched , as well cars harness untouched.

And last step so far was bolting up transmission (s4 TII), stock downpipe/precat and mock it up on FC subrame to see if it will fit into bay and where engine mounts will be.

Evening ended with engine mount provisions on subframe tacked up, to be continued.

hIGGI 02-19-18 06:16 PM

8 Attachment(s)
some pics

hIGGI 02-19-18 06:24 PM

6 Attachment(s)
more pics

hIGGI 02-20-18 04:24 PM

6 Attachment(s)
more pics from the past

hIGGI 02-20-18 04:40 PM

6 Attachment(s)
Last few pics, ending yesterday......test fitting dressed up block and modifying subframe for FD mounts....

hIGGI 02-20-18 04:52 PM

6 Attachment(s)
today i spent few hours reinforcing engine mount positions on subframe, still need to make notch for turbo control actuator in there.....
as well, moved one of the PS hardlines little bit lower
engine even with precat clears, but tolerance is very tight, not much space for heatshield close to precat...
stock harness should work fine

BenRX 02-20-18 08:05 PM

Great to see another FC saved! Nice work, sir!

13bREW 02-21-18 11:06 AM

Clean build!! What made you want to leave the FD engine completely stock with emissions? That's unique in itself LOL.

WondrousBread 02-21-18 01:43 PM

Seconded. It looks like you're doing a great job, but why go to the trouble of swapping an REW in if you are only going for stock power? And with full emissions, no less? It seems like you could put in a 13BT and just do exhaust and a standalone and make almost the same power. Or alternatively, upgrade to a hybrid or aftermarket turbo and make more power for less cost and less work.

hIGGI 02-21-18 01:55 PM

Its no trouble at all, i have few REW blocks here and i am short on 13BT parts (irons mainly) , so its easier to put in REW.

I am considering it as challenge and just want to try something new....i have had 30 or so FC's, including 20B one and i have 3 FD's as well. This build is not about power.

And third point : once done, when engine will be broken in, i can easily sell it to someone who will be in need of stock 13B-REW, fully dressed, tested, plug&play.

eddierotary 02-21-18 02:18 PM

Nice project, is like a throwback to me when i did this on my old red fc. I had alot of fun with the stock twins, big difference from mild 13bt to a stock 13brew with stock twin

hIGGI 02-21-18 05:22 PM

6 Attachment(s)
Yeah, i hope to have some fun with working twins and be able to turn it back into fully stock TII easily.

Today i found a position for radiator and intercooler, next step is make outlets and piping. Hopefully tomorrow.

Fans are from rx8, radiator and IC are custom unfinished projects aquired with bunch of other parts, will make them work :)

WondrousBread 02-21-18 05:49 PM

Ah, understood. I find 13BTs are easier to find near me, but if REWs are what you have available to you, I understand why it would be more practical. Curious to see what your impressions are of the stock twins. Anyways, good luck :)

hIGGI 02-22-18 01:09 AM

13BTs are long gone and most of them i tear down in last few years are cracked irons or broken coolant passages in them....already started ordering new irons
If i had good irons, i would have very like build FC block, but this was somewhat easier route for me.

hIGGI 02-23-18 04:15 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Slowly but surely...
Intercooler outlets and piping done
Radiator bottom pipe done
Still have to make bleed and drain points and upper outlet on rad

Fc front swaybar wont fit, but rx8 one will, just have to make 5cm or so thick spacers to move it little bit down

hIGGI 02-24-18 04:09 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Finished welding radiator outlets, bleed, drain and some brackets on both rad and intercooler.
Modified some broken battery tray and it looks like it will fit regular size battery in oem location.

TRRAPLN 02-25-18 09:47 AM

Love this picture. So Euro cool.

hIGGI 02-25-18 05:38 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Had to modify subframe for turbo control actuator clearance and decided to change broken spring in transmission too.

psyaddict 02-27-18 02:10 AM

Woah man, nice garage!

hIGGI 03-01-18 03:13 PM

Slowed down now, pressure test of IC/radiator showed some leaks which i had to fix.
As well made alu pipe bead tool.
Still need to prepare some wiring before final install of engine (wiper and cruise control wires and gauges wiring)
In meantime transmission fluid arrived, so i filled that up.
Drilled stuck piston from clutch slave cylinder and rebuild it with new piston/seals.

hIGGI 03-07-18 04:05 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Oil cooler lines done (hydraulic shop), oil cooler mounted in stock location.
Wired in Defi Advance ZD unit, utilising unused wires on FD harness (transmission sensors)
Test fitted JDM downpipe (better clearance, different lenght), but decided to make own downpipe, since material was there already.
Had downpipe flange laying already, just needed to be made flat after welding.
Need to install ABS pump to see what space i have for EGT and o2 bungs, finish downpipe tomorrow.

hIGGI 03-08-18 04:56 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Test fitted ABS bracket, modified heater return pipe and finished downpipe.
Welded narrowband and EGT bungs, chinese exhaust valve.
Wideband bung tomorrow and then hopefully last fabrication task - swaybar spacers.
Hopefully will start it up soon :D

hIGGI 03-09-18 04:33 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Finished exhaust, wrapped and bolted in.
Managed to fit FD harness grommet into stock hole, its tight but looking good.
Started to bolt in all brackets and stuff, would like to start it up during weekend

hIGGI 03-14-18 03:26 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Bolted up few other things and drove the car out of shop today.
There is still 100+ items list to do, but it move by its own power, which is good :D

cone_crushr 03-14-18 08:52 PM

Super resourceful build as usual hIGGI. Congrats on achieving a running 13BREW.
Wow, even kept the FC ABS system - that's dedication.

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