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[For Sale] 1990 Turbo II Seattle


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WA 1990 Turbo II Seattle

Year: 1990
Make: Mazda
Model: RX-7
Price: $3500
Mileage: 193000
Color: Black
Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing
Location (US State/Canada/Int): WA

I am finally at the point where I think I need to try to see if I can generate any interest in my black with black interior 1990 RX7. It's an original Turbo II, not an NA swap car and I have owned it since 2005 and has been my project for a lot of years now. She has new a motor with only around 3000 miles on it, a whole lot of parts, time, sweat and effort in her. I used to drive her to work from time to time, which is just several miles across the bridge every morning. She starts, runs, idles well and with the addition of a new clutch bearing wouold drive just fine again. With getting married, buying a house and working as much as I do I just really don't have the time to work on her anymore. From 2008 to 2014 I had her on jackstands, slowly chipping away at bringing her back to life. A new motor, new clutch, TO4B turbo, Rtek, a lot of replaced parts under the hood as well as interior parts but as a student and working full time at that point of my life I never got a chance to tackle any body work when I really needed to, which is what brings me to why I need to sell her. The spare tire well, as with so many RX7's has started to rust which brings into question whether or not it is worth my time to continue to invest time and money into this chassis and as stated I don't have the time to find a clean rolling chassis, and start the long process of swapping things over, as much as I would love to.

So if by this point you're still interested and want to know more feel free to take a look at the pictures and ask questions as much as you please. I have receipts for the majority of the parts and services I had done on the car.

Repair and mod list:
-Fresh rebuild with S5 high comp rotors, counter weight and RX8 E-shaft
-oil pan baffle plate
-JDM Mazda top mount intercooler
-BNR stage 1 TO4B turbocharger
-100A FD Alternator with dual belt pully
-new water pump
-oil injectors removed
-HKS racing suction intake (They haven't made this in years)
-RC injectors 550cc Primary, 770cc Secondary injectors (with harness adapters from square to round plug)
-Koyo N-flow radiator
-SPAL fan and custom shroud made by Jack Matson, with temp switch @180F
-Supra TT fuel pump, with new fuel relay and wiring to pump
-New fuel filter
-New S5 NA master cylinder and brake booster
-Non-ABS brake lines, braided stainless at the wheels, with new rotors and pads
-ACT clutch (Perf. Street sprung) and pressure plate
-9.8lbs ACT flywheel
-Braided Mazdatrix oil cooler lines
-New oil cooler mounts
-Mazdatrix motormounts
-Oil cooler pedestal
-JDM strut tower brace (of unknown orgin)
-Mazdatrix plug wires
-3" downpipe + exhaust with mazdatrix stainless media filled resonator, and HKS Hi-Power Ti muffler
-Rtek 2.0 with laptop, running a Palm emulator for tuning.
-Wideband O2 with controller and downpipe bung adapter and heatsink
-Engine harness swapped for one in much better shape and wrapped with heat resistant insulation
-Old Greddy BOV (came with the car)
-New fuel sender and pump hanger assembly
-New transmission mounts
-New throttle cable
-New heater and radiator hoses
-New sub-frame and differential mounts
-Dark Bronze Work Emotion XT7 wheels
-Zeal Fucntion XS coilovers
-Work lugnuts w/wheel locks
-New power window switches
-9k RPM Tachometer in Turbo cluster
-Old style orange lit HKS boost guage in A-pillar
-HKS Type-0 Turbo Timer and harness
-New leather wrapped weighted shift ****
-2 piece short shifter (Unknown brand, given as gift)
-Replaced factory hatch struts
-Rebuilt wiper switch
-JDM yellow fogs
-JDM S5 front turn signal lenses

Uninstalled and extra parts
-JDM side marker lights
-Extra red spoiler
-3" Highflow cat
-Factory S5 cassette/EQ radio
-USDM turn signal lenses
-Side window trim

All parts are the correct series 5 parts with only one or two exceptions (i.e. non-ABS brake hardlines), all the lights except for the dome light work, the interior is pretty much all there, the sunroof doesn't leak as stated, she starts no problem, runs and idles well, and though I haven't been driving her for the past year, I have been keeping her in my garage, starting the engine and bringing her up to operating temperature every 1-2 months. I'll post pics I took today as well as one of before she got stored away to get super dusty in my garage. Hopefully that gives an idea of the condition of the exterior.

I'm looking for $3500obo, in Seattle, WA and am looking to sell face to face. PM me anytime, and though I am busy, I'll try to check regularly.

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Pm sent
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pmd u as well...
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PM'd as well.
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messaged you
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Still selling

Have had an interested parties, but no takers yet.
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Extra info

I have been asked roughly the same questions a few times, so I think a bump post with some pics and info is warranted.

Here are pictures of the only rust spots.


I am not a body work guy by any stretch of imagination, so I don't know what rust wise can be fixed or not. I would guess that it can be. A fresh prepped, painted chassis just makes more sense to me from the stand point of a project that will last another 10-15+ years. She needs a new clutch throw-out bearing to be driven again, and there is a very slow un-diagnosed coolant leak coming from somewhere around the back of the motor that would need to be located to make it prudent to drive for any length of time. As long as one would be digging around back there while fixing the clutch bearing, it should be easy to find, once you have it in the air. Lastly, I had the Rtek tuned by Drift Office here in South Seattle to make her safe to drive around town under low load and low boost conditions but I lost the clutch pedal before I could get her dropped off for a weekend long session of tuning to 8800prm at full boost.
So all of that needs to be addressed to get her to run at 100% condition.

Also, the A/C compressor, condenser and evaporator are gone. They never worked well and they were really really in my way. Only the bracket that it and the P/S pump mounts to remains in the engine compartment.

PM me with questions if you're interested or if there is anything else you're curious about.
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sent PM.
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