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  1. Good idle without a BAC valve
  2. Need someone to tune my e6x in chicago
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  4. ek6 manifold pressure fluctuation
  5. laptop not connecting? E6K
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  9. fuel pump re-wire
  10. Injector Clips
  11. Ignition Suggestions/Experience (Me=E6X)
  12. Need some more help with Haltech
  13. e6k software versions
  14. Possible Haltech Group Buy Interest - is there any??
  15. Need Help! What makes OEM Coils Crack and go Bad!!
  16. S4 TPS bracket
  17. any body know Haltech e6x
  18. E8 + bosch coils
  19. Will this work (need help from the pro's)
  20. E6X DOA or usb-serial woes..
  21. E6k wideband datalog question
  22. 93 e6k setup work on RE in FB?
  23. 93 e6k w/single turbo RE
  24. E8 Narrowband Hookup Closed loop
  25. will this tap work?
  26. Need help E11 ignition info. for 13B
  27. Haltech E8 for REW help/advise
  28. Help with firmware
  29. What to check?
  30. E6K map to E8 Map. Batch VS SEQ
  31. e11v2 Map Switch
  32. E6X Not Stock NA questions
  33. E6X - Ugh... killed my tach :(
  34. E8. Weird happenings.
  35. Upgrading to new Firmware on E8/E11v2
  36. Plug N Play Haltech Options Poll!!
  37. Haltek E6k Q's
  38. E8 with Haltech wideband unit
  39. E6X Fuel Cut?
  40. looking for old harness for E11v2 or e8
  41. Timing ??s
  42. e6k for sale
  43. E8 Boost at ambient pressure shows .3 to .5psi?
  44. E6X Password protection
  45. e6k trouble ,,,,,help
  46. off subject haltech tunning help
  47. E8. CAr will not hold idle for more then 5 Seconds
  48. E11 2 step/aux rev limit settings
  49. Haltech sensor output voltages???
  50. E8 (and E11?) decel cut settings
  51. slightly used haltech stepper motor with aluminum block
  52. Question about baro?
  53. E8 forsale NEW
  54. New computer. Vista sucks. USB to Serial?
  55. No power to the fuel pump. Any suggestions? (a little long, bare with me)
  56. looking for e6k
  57. cant get connected to e6k
  58. For those needing Haltech base maps..
  59. timing questions
  60. E6s vs E6k
  61. Wiring S5 TPS to haltech
  62. E8-E11V2 are very simular
  63. still wont start
  64. e6k trouble
  65. datalogging afr with e6x with 2.5 bar int map
  66. Windows Vista with haltech DOS software
  67. Planning on Buying Halteck
  68. for sale haltech f10
  69. Thanks
  70. Download Haltech Base Maps Here
  71. WTB E6K with flying lead harness
  72. Can't get E6X timed correctly
  73. E8 Speed sensor hookup?
  74. Uhhhh yeah, bear with me.
  75. Hooking up A/C to the E8
  76. help wiring coils
  77. Haltech E6k tuner in So. Florida
  78. e6k harness wired up for t2 with allll sensor
  79. e6k data logging questions?
  80. controlling 6 injectors
  81. El Nene 7 -E6X questions and concerns thread
  82. omg tach!? haltech E8 tach problems
  83. Need help
  84. Will e6x work?
  85. e6x fuel pump on 91 na
  86. wont start
  87. no start but it cranks
  88. It runs now guestions
  89. E6K Manual shortcut font
  90. s4 13b basemap
  91. Very, very stupid Haltech question
  92. Dataloging EGT to E8
  93. anyone in chicago know how to tune a haltech?
  94. F/S: Haltech wideband controller
  95. dash lights, no hook up with laptop?
  96. e6x question
  97. F/S Brand new E8 with Flying Lead harness
  98. E6K cruz question
  99. looking a haltech?
  100. a couple more questions...
  101. An Insight into Haltech Engine Management Systems
  102. can you use zeitronix wideband with the e6k for datalogging?
  103. Water Temp Sensor
  104. rev limiter??
  105. boost controller ???
  106. Aim Dash Compatibility
  107. Haltech N00B Needs Help!
  108. Attention PA-CT Guys!! NY/NJ Trip is in full swing!
  109. 2-step for drag racing
  110. common running temps
  111. Please help with Haltech E11v2 injectorís wiring and setup
  112. Max sized (streetable) primary injector
  113. question about e8?
  114. Haltech vs mega squirt
  115. e6x wiring coils up for a 13b turbo in series 3
  116. Retune after Half-Bridgeport
  117. peak and hold mode staged injection (E11/E8)
  118. Haltech Install Questions
  119. Older E6X available
  120. Extra E6K
  121. Stock CAS wires
  122. E8 Questions. Boost Control?
  123. Top tuner Gaby Skern Fl. from february 21 till 23rd.
  124. calculating injector duty cycle based on RPM and IPW
  125. Should I upgrade to a E8?
  126. WTB: E6K fuse block
  127. Stock FD ign maps
  128. EMI interference and sheilding
  129. Odd Readings - E6K Online Mode
  130. just got E6K few questions about the harness.
  131. FD TPS Problem
  132. car wont start in cold cold weather
  133. Fine tuning issues, timing splits etc etc. lets get my car runnin right
  134. hitman site isnt working?
  135. any place to buy a e6k harness?
  136. F/S Haltech E6X
  137. Haltech For Sale
  138. What do you guys use for software?
  139. New Alternator hasn't fixed the issue. Fuel Battery correction isn't good enough.
  140. Possible trip to NY/NJ, anybody need Haltech work??
  141. Haltech and MSD question.
  142. Haltech Question!!!
  143. Coolant correction has no effect.
  144. Car dies randomly at idle.
  145. Deciding between E6X or an E8 for a S4 FC
  146. Logging Instruments w/ E6X
  147. haltech and stock harness
  148. Ignition Wiring (coils)
  149. Injector Wiring
  150. E6K - Wont load base map?
  151. Haltech E6K & Autronic wideband F/S
  152. Which ECU to buy...
  153. Haltech Fail Safe for Aux Inj
  154. AEM wide band with E6k
  155. e6s question?
  156. e11/20b problems...
  157. new to haltech help with e6s
  158. E11 Fuel problems
  159. ignition system
  160. Quick Q on CTS location
  161. Haltech E6X Erratic boost signal
  162. where can i buy the e11v2 without the ecu?
  163. Haltech boost solinoid to a Tial wastegate????
  164. E6X for FC?
  165. e6-x connection problem
  166. 02 Sensor Hook-up
  167. tapping for sensors
  168. Haltech Boost Control Solenoid
  169. Ignition wiring diagram for 88 FC on E6X
  170. E6K for sale with harness and sensors like new!
  171. Haltech E6k For Sale
  172. low and high impedance question
  173. Looking for used E6S or E6K ECUs!!
  174. Connection error??
  175. Attention Anouncement!! Im moving to the US!
  176. wideband on the beta firmwarm
  177. OMP Block Off Plate (FD)
  178. E6X Turbo Timer Feature
  179. E6S-8 vs. E6k
  180. E6X spark problem
  181. wideband 02
  182. Need help on E6K
  183. NOS and haltech Q's?
  184. Haltech Interceptor on FD3S
  185. no spark on my e6k
  186. e6k wireing question
  187. Q: why an ingnition timing at idle is 5 BTDC at base haltech maps?
  188. Sending TE wideband output to E6K for datalogging
  189. No trailing spark on TII w/E6X
  190. Is my E6X Defective?
  191. MAP Sensor signal VERY Noisy
  192. datalog problem...E6X
  193. haltech map sensor
  194. spark question on e6k
  195. Advise, if it is covered else where point me n the right direction!
  196. s4 t2 e6x, couple questions
  197. OMP control update for E-11/8.
  198. E6X No Spark?
  199. no spark
  200. Autotune Map
  201. With a E6K is there a way to test the pwm
  202. boost controller
  203. Understanding OMP
  204. E-8/11 ver 1.62 'Closed loop boost Control
  205. cold cranking tuning
  206. S5 T2 Bac Valve install
  207. O2 sensor settings for hitman's stock FC map
  208. F10x & e6x
  209. MSD DIS-2 and Haltech
  210. e6k wiring problem
  211. 4 bar map sensor
  212. just a quick question!!!
  213. 8 injector wiring
  214. Need Haltech Accessory
  215. Tuner in ny?
  216. LM-1 settings for sensor inputs
  217. E6X Map Sensor Problem
  218. last problem with haltech
  219. Tuner Gaby Skern in Orlando FL from Oct 17th to the 21st
  220. Ls1 Ignition Coils Wiring Up
  221. installation problem
  222. base map for sinlge TB turbosetup .. input needed
  223. Installation problem
  224. cold start problem
  225. Closed Loop Knock Control for Haltech ECUs
  226. Auotune update!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  227. Install guides?
  228. October California Trips! - Anybody need tuning?
  229. Haltech E6k tuned, start up driving has hesitation?
  230. injector question
  231. Metripack connectors
  232. Can an F10X run a 20B 3 rotor engine?
  233. Trigger noise at idle
  234. e6k car and not running correctly.
  235. fuel pump prob. w/E6k
  236. bad comm chip?
  237. having trouble on dyno. check out my e6x map?
  238. The E8 fuel and starting questions
  239. cuts off when warm
  240. cold starts
  241. has anybody ever had a problem with their A/F ratio changing?
  242. Map sensor ID help
  243. haltech e6k verse e6x
  244. Need Help w/ E6K IGN&FUEL SETTINGS
  245. MSD 6A with E6K
  246. datalogging units
  247. E8/FD ign problem - possible setting issue?
  248. trigger setup
  249. MAP sensor problem
  250. injector wiring