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  2. injector wiring colors?
  3. Problem.. fuel pump got quieter, and car dies..?
  4. E6K with Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump, Which relay to use?
  5. How do I hook up the PLX M-300 to Haltech
  6. E6X on 13B NA PP????
  7. trailing coils not firing
  8. hesitation at 2k
  9. What Do I need
  10. Halwin + G4 PowerBook + VirtualPC
  11. fuse and grounding questions - e6x
  12. help with missfire
  13. K2RD haltech harness adapter? Anyone used it?
  14. buying haltech, which coils to buy with it?
  15. Different Maps for different boost?
  16. i know its risky, but I need a base map!
  17. does haltech have there own o2 sensor?
  18. Sensor Part numbers?
  19. O2 sensor question and custom ignition setup question
  20. e6k firmware update problems
  21. Quick E6K ??
  22. Ques. about wiring the coils..?
  23. Haltech with a supercharger
  24. Haltech users recommendations
  25. You guys might find this interesting
  26. Does haltech + e-fan ??
  27. first time tuning, timing guideline?
  28. Shift light on E6k
  29. Halwin - How much computer?
  30. Haltech Install Questions
  31. Installing Haltech. What can I keep.
  32. alright, help me out. Got some idle questions
  33. Trigger angle question.
  34. E11V2 Problem
  35. Intrested in Knock Sensor Retard ??
  36. looking for a map!
  37. All of the sudden, my car wont idle
  38. Base Map for E11 on FD + gauge cluster problem
  39. E6K to E6X?
  40. any one using the e6k?
  41. E6K vs PFC +
  42. Running E6K and can'y get it to connunicate
  43. Injector wiring ques?
  44. How do i zero out my timing
  45. E11 Fd
  46. 20b E6k
  47. Why My leading is not firing
  48. Idle control motor for FD with Haltech
  49. Help with EGT Tunning
  50. S5 TPS wiring?
  51. Stock 3.gen TPS on Haltech E6K ?
  52. installed bridgeport motor need help!
  53. Can I disable the Ign. side on an E6A?
  54. timing is everything
  55. ? re Haltech E6 in 93 Rx7
  56. Haltech fuel pump question
  57. New Haltech user ?
  58. any runing e6x wit re engine?
  59. Using E6K from other car Q's??
  60. Accel Pump and Staging line with Boost
  61. Just installed a MSD DIS 2
  62. Am I the only one....
  63. FD gauge cluster
  64. Haltech TPS reads FAULT??
  65. s5 TPS Wiring? And some other gauge cluster stuff.
  66. Throttle calibrate question
  67. Im buying a E6X and need some questions answerd
  68. $5.00 fixed my car!!!!
  69. Ignition lossing signal
  70. Dip Switches
  71. E6X Windows Software
  72. Seconday injectors
  73. Does the haltech connect to a pc for real time monitoring?
  74. Where do the stock guages read off
  75. updateing the haltech software..
  76. need fuel map for 4x850cc
  77. sensors and connectors needed for e6k on t2
  78. e6k maps work on e6x?
  79. handheld unit yet?
  80. Whos not running Trailing ign
  81. Any way of using E6K as a two step?
  82. Car runs perfect than dies! :(
  83. not the tach
  84. Haltech f9, need informed
  85. What plugs should i use?
  86. Ignition timing
  87. PWM Outputs
  88. my tach is readin only half of my real rpms??????
  89. fuel pump rewire w/Haltech
  90. Secondary injector timing
  91. CAS wiring
  92. road speed value?
  93. haltech, stock twins, and boost control?
  94. New and Need a Map
  95. Successfule use of Haltech Boost Controller
  96. Need a mechanic to program my e6k in NEW YORK
  97. fd and haltechs?
  98. Santa Brought an E6K, Now I Need a Map
  99. Got some questions for ya guys with Haltechs and S5 Turbo II's
  100. bac period
  101. Turbo timer
  102. my haltech came with a dial, could I use it for anything.
  103. 12v switch
  104. anyone haa e6k with T88 ???????
  105. another connecting problem
  106. Haltech E6K tuners in the Orlando / Tampa Florida Area.
  107. Haltech harness routing???
  108. Need some help with tuning numbers..
  109. value of the au dollar vs us dollar
  110. Map for k2rd adapter harness
  111. Need for Haltech E6K software
  112. can anyone help with my haltech?
  113. How to get tacho working
  114. FD Fan help
  115. 10 , 500 RPM on E6K
  116. beeping noise???
  117. Any good places to learn the Haltech?
  118. Haltech owners please give me some info!!
  119. Haltech E11
  120. more idle porblems
  121. Haltech E11 FD
  122. E-11 Ignition module wiring
  123. Haltech E6 any good?
  124. question for the pro
  125. Haltech Compatible Idle Air Control Valves
  126. Pros/Cons E6X vs. E11
  127. Wideband O2 directly hooked to E6K
  128. haltech installed, car runs, then dies.
  129. the hitman
  130. Haltech E11
  131. RPM Spikes and Hesitations
  132. misfire
  133. e-11
  134. Windows XP
  135. is it safe to lay on the rev limiter
  136. Fuse box and relays!!
  137. shift light??
  138. Flamethrower map.
  139. No communication with the Haltech
  140. Best Premix Soulutions with no OMP
  141. E6K problem on a 13B
  142. Ignition map needed!
  143. What did you guys do with the extra wires?
  144. Doing my harness this weekend: any last minute tips?
  145. General EMS questions
  146. Coil Wires
  147. wtb- e6k manual
  148. datalogging problems
  149. E11 OMP controls and wiring
  150. Can some one tell me please
  151. timing on a p-bridge port s5 motor with 10pis???
  152. No Tach since Haltech Instal
  153. quick haltech wire question (this is an easy one)
  154. quick haltech wire question (this is an easy one)
  155. Timing split, new data from the dyno
  156. Wire harness and Instrument cluster
  157. help me with laptop(dont know much about computers)
  158. Haltech F10 base map NEEDED BAD
  159. BAC or idle speed motor?
  160. E6K ver 6.34 Software Problem
  161. E6K wiring in a FD
  162. Haltech F10
  163. haltech or others?
  164. What happens to the Oil Metering Pump
  165. E6K Installation
  166. Fuel pump wiring and relay HOT!
  167. What is a haltech?
  168. Haltech F3
  169. Haltech TPS + Custom mount. Need help
  170. Haltech w/MSD?
  171. E6X with breakless point ignition and MSD 6A
  172. haltech E6
  173. Map sensor
  174. E6X?
  175. whats needed for haltech
  176. Map sensor
  177. tps help, 3 bar help
  178. ? about air temp and cool temp
  179. ? about Ignition Coils
  180. Air intake temp sensor
  181. FC ignition problem
  182. anyone using innovative Lm1 wideband?
  183. s5 omp with e6k?
  184. 90 turbo oil injection what to do
  185. E-11 + 20B results????
  186. haltech tunners
  187. haltech manual wrong?
  188. cheapest place to buy e6k?
  189. Haltech blown fuel injector fuses?
  190. usb and haltech
  191. Switching leading plug wires
  192. haltech and stock seq turbos
  193. Water damage on board
  194. discovered a bad wiring mistake!
  195. Tried searching but didnt help. I need my wipers to work!
  196. E6k trigger wiring help
  197. New E6
  198. Software -- Bars Value
  199. AEM wideband O2 and Haltech
  200. i got my haltech
  201. E6K and Windows XP
  202. Haltech tuners in the Louisville KY area?
  203. FC Setup Questions..
  204. Installed the haltech, now the car wont crank?
  205. TPS supplied by Haltech part #?
  206. Probably a stupid question, but...
  207. funky idle, I think I found the problem.
  208. Timing/trigger angle help needed
  209. Friends, Romans, Country Men.. Lend me a Map
  210. Haltech E6K vs. Microtech LT8
  211. FS: Haltech E6A Engine Management System
  212. Kind of a broad question, but looking for your opinion...
  213. Sensor mounting..where to get taps?
  214. Help! tempgauge doesnt work....
  215. sources for detination @ 13psi and up???
  216. Coils
  217. Running Bosch 1600s 2ndaries unstaged! Try it out and post results here :)
  218. laptop wont display?
  219. Dead Haltech or CAS
  220. USB ==> Serial Converter okay to tune Haltech f9?
  221. mV A/F compared with wideband?
  222. Help with the Haltech system
  223. Have anyone Install they Haltech while...
  224. Help with tuning E6K N/A
  225. Dead E6K?
  226. Can't get stumble out of engine
  227. wiring
  228. need feedback on sds efi
  229. which haltech to use
  230. FJO output into haltech
  231. Fuel Ratio
  232. Running S5 TPS with Haltech E6K
  233. In Need of Haltech E6k Software
  234. FD E6K (ignition) installation
  235. Autronics wideband and E6K v6.34U
  236. Wiring O2 sensor help.
  237. Running a Haltech inside of XP?
  238. Auto tran (ecu upgradable?)
  239. new map and car idel funny
  240. Got my haltech today!
  241. na to tII, what do i need and which haltech
  242. Auto tran (ecu upgradable?)
  243. Help to find 1/8NPT Water sensor?
  244. Need help mounting haltech tps on t2
  245. muucav sdrawkcab- backwards vacuum??
  246. Haltech TPS GM Part #?
  247. Haltech help..
  248. boost problems
  249. ignition problems with front trailing coil
  250. turbo map to NA map