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  1. Break Down the ISC
  2. Battery Jump Start
  3. i got a haltech
  4. one more e6x question...
  5. E6X Manual
  6. who can reflash an e6k in the states?
  7. Problems!!!!
  8. ignition condensor
  9. Could someone try this map for me?
  10. E11 V2 Tuning Every 250 or 500 RPM?
  11. E11v2 Halwin problem
  12. Anyone getting rid of a stock harness?
  13. Wiring E11 to tach on FC
  14. Misc wiring info
  15. car falls flat on its ass when I hit boost, otherwise its fine.
  16. Ignition Timming and adjustment??? Confusion?
  17. e6x setup for fd?
  18. Running a Haltech need some premix help. Yes I have searched.
  19. car stalls when coming to a stop!!!!
  20. Thermofan Settings (FD)
  21. HELP, a wire pulled out of the main injector connector, how do I fix it????
  22. ignition
  23. Should I even install my E6X?
  24. need relay for haltech thermofan?
  25. Reliable Haltech Dealers
  26. problems with TPS on Haltech E11v2
  27. Yet another E6X ignition problem...
  28. how can i lower my idle?
  29. Intro and Hello
  30. Will E6K or E6X work for diesel engines??
  31. why do i want a haltech
  32. Thumbs up to Haltech
  33. running msd with the haltech?
  34. Haltech newbie with pinging
  35. another e6x ignition problem...
  36. Things are not getting better with my t2.
  37. windows 98 Software problem
  38. Secondaries wont turn on..
  39. Haltech E11V2 Problem
  40. CAS MSD magnetic signal stabilizer
  41. Engine speed going nuts!!
  42. E6X on a stock NA
  43. E6k on FD:zeroing ignition
  44. Autronic 500R cdi box and Haltech E6K. questions.
  45. E6X haltec
  46. Problems posting hdl files in excel for plotting
  47. Harness Project
  48. Boost Control Question.
  49. Which O2 sensor for a Haltech Termed harness.
  50. all smiles just got another project
  51. E6k 4K RPM breakup
  52. E6X Ignition Problem.
  53. Using fuel map as boost limiter
  54. CAS out of phase?????? help me out, my trailing is all fucked up.
  55. Which way to go E6X or PFC ?
  56. E11v2 vs. E6X
  57. patch cable for haltech?
  58. need a patch cable, e6k, anything special?
  59. where's a good place to buy an E11v2
  60. Cosmo 13b-re BAC valve problems
  61. Cosmo 13b-re BAC valve
  62. anybody got 6.34u ??
  63. Bridgeport Turbo Guru's chime in, pls.
  64. E6X issues
  65. Maps?????3.5 - 4k falling on its face
  66. BAC Help
  67. e6k and injectors?
  68. E6X Problems
  69. Mounting the Haltuner display box
  70. Tuning questions, moved to a higher altitude
  71. OMP removal
  72. F9A V3.6 works fine, V4.6 doesn't - help!
  73. how to establish timing with 5 timing marks?
  74. Zeroing timing
  75. Changing from 3bar to 2bar map
  76. Car surges, erratic/bouncing acceleration below 3K rpm
  77. E6X + Turbo 2 probelms
  78. 3Bar map sensor
  79. stand alone kit?
  80. E6S-8 any good???
  81. Digital Display unit
  82. Injector Duration problem at startup
  83. Need coolant probe for E6X
  84. My 1600cc injkector burned my haltech driver
  85. Where to buy E6X
  86. E11 20 b fuel map: scratchin my head
  87. Need a Haltech
  88. HalwinX beta22 download
  89. E6X Base maps.. how good does car run?
  90. 550-1600cc injector set-up?
  91. I like the e6k!
  92. e6x and omp
  93. will the e6x operate an electronic omp on a 13b-re?
  94. Fully sequential Ignition
  95. Haltech tuner needed
  96. Overheating Inj? Stuttering prob
  97. Is the E6X able to read/use E6K maps???
  98. Logging problem!!! Help!!
  99. haltech e6x
  100. question about the Aux Out on E6k
  101. Trailing coil does not fire?
  102. buying an e6x..
  103. e6x engine start problems
  104. Wide Band Senors and Haltechs
  105. RPM readings off on datalog
  106. Multi point Map
  107. Wide band logging problem???
  108. RE To REW front cover/timing
  109. haltech e6x map sensor
  110. Haltech E6X for sale
  111. Rear Trailing plug won't fire on 3rd gen
  112. aftermarket tachometer??
  113. How do u set upp timing correct?
  114. What is the Best setting for starting the engine...
  115. It Runs :)
  116. HalwinX released!
  117. Help Injectors wont open
  118. Injector impedence and staging????
  119. Dam Haltech 02 and logging problems
  120. Emissions requirements and Haltech question
  121. Need O2 sensor for my Haltech
  122. In desperate need of a working E6X Map for FC!
  123. quick question?
  124. Do the trailing coils fire at idle?
  125. Haltech 02 display and such?
  126. Anyone have some ECU connectors laying around?
  127. Anyone have problems keeping settings the same, all the time?
  128. Okay, e6X question, again.....
  129. Injector Phase Map
  130. No Engine speed... out of ideas.
  131. Fuel pump shuts off during haltech startup?
  132. tranny harness
  133. E11 vs. E6X
  134. Throttle Pump?
  135. Dead battery with E6K HELP!!!!!
  136. E6X toggle option on ignition
  137. Hitman timming, real setting
  138. Haltech e6whatever questions
  139. Cool idea I just did to monitor intake temps
  140. Cannot get the haltech to communicate!
  141. E11 Prices
  142. Haltech E6X windows software?
  143. Half bridge-port ignition timing questions
  144. Tuning
  145. Tuning
  146. Hitman map for E6X
  147. More Questions
  148. More Questions
  149. Haltech and MSD wiring!
  150. Fuel cut Vrs. Ignition Cut
  151. Help with timming on 3rd Gen for Haltech ASAP!!
  152. Ign/by
  153. Will the E6k kit work off my honda for my RX-7
  154. idle speed control motor will not operate
  155. Another you guys might find this interesting thread
  156. injector wiring colors?
  157. Problem.. fuel pump got quieter, and car dies..?
  158. E6K with Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump, Which relay to use?
  159. How do I hook up the PLX M-300 to Haltech
  160. E6X on 13B NA PP????
  161. trailing coils not firing
  162. hesitation at 2k
  163. What Do I need
  164. Halwin + G4 PowerBook + VirtualPC
  165. fuse and grounding questions - e6x
  166. help with missfire
  167. K2RD haltech harness adapter? Anyone used it?
  168. buying haltech, which coils to buy with it?
  169. Different Maps for different boost?
  170. i know its risky, but I need a base map!
  171. does haltech have there own o2 sensor?
  172. Sensor Part numbers?
  173. O2 sensor question and custom ignition setup question
  174. e6k firmware update problems
  175. Quick E6K ??
  176. Ques. about wiring the coils..?
  177. Haltech with a supercharger
  178. Haltech users recommendations
  179. You guys might find this interesting
  180. Does haltech + e-fan ??
  181. first time tuning, timing guideline?
  182. Shift light on E6k
  183. Halwin - How much computer?
  184. Haltech Install Questions
  185. Installing Haltech. What can I keep.
  186. alright, help me out. Got some idle questions
  187. Trigger angle question.
  188. E11V2 Problem
  189. Intrested in Knock Sensor Retard ??
  190. looking for a map!
  191. All of the sudden, my car wont idle
  192. Base Map for E11 on FD + gauge cluster problem
  193. E6K to E6X?
  194. any one using the e6k?
  195. E6K vs PFC +
  196. Running E6K and can'y get it to connunicate
  197. Injector wiring ques?
  198. How do i zero out my timing
  199. E11 Fd
  200. 20b E6k
  201. Why My leading is not firing
  202. Idle control motor for FD with Haltech
  203. Help with EGT Tunning
  204. S5 TPS wiring?
  205. Stock 3.gen TPS on Haltech E6K ?
  206. installed bridgeport motor need help!
  207. Can I disable the Ign. side on an E6A?
  208. timing is everything
  209. ? re Haltech E6 in 93 Rx7
  210. Haltech fuel pump question
  211. New Haltech user ?
  212. any runing e6x wit re engine?
  213. Using E6K from other car Q's??
  214. Accel Pump and Staging line with Boost
  215. Just installed a MSD DIS 2
  216. Am I the only one....
  217. FD gauge cluster
  218. Haltech TPS reads FAULT??
  219. s5 TPS Wiring? And some other gauge cluster stuff.
  220. Throttle calibrate question
  221. Im buying a E6X and need some questions answerd
  222. $5.00 fixed my car!!!!
  223. Ignition lossing signal
  224. Dip Switches
  225. E6X Windows Software
  226. Seconday injectors
  227. Does the haltech connect to a pc for real time monitoring?
  228. Where do the stock guages read off
  229. updateing the haltech software..
  230. need fuel map for 4x850cc
  231. sensors and connectors needed for e6k on t2
  232. e6k maps work on e6x?
  233. handheld unit yet?
  234. Whos not running Trailing ign
  235. Any way of using E6K as a two step?
  236. Car runs perfect than dies! :(
  237. not the tach
  238. Haltech f9, need informed
  239. What plugs should i use?
  240. Ignition timing
  241. PWM Outputs
  242. my tach is readin only half of my real rpms??????
  243. fuel pump rewire w/Haltech
  244. Secondary injector timing
  245. CAS wiring
  246. road speed value?
  247. haltech, stock twins, and boost control?
  248. New and Need a Map
  249. Successfule use of Haltech Boost Controller
  250. Need a mechanic to program my e6k in NEW YORK