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  1. Going into limp mode
  2. heat light on
  3. S5 rx7 auto trans help (possible bridge project)
  4. changing auto trans fluid
  5. Where do I buy this piece of hose....
  6. Clutch Trans questions
  7. New vert seals, still have puddles of water.
  8. Act flywheel vs stock
  9. exhaust leak no boost
  10. Loss Of Power
  11. how should i tune the power fc
  12. READ THIS: Put a Brief Description of your Problem in the TITLE.
  13. Primary injectors not turning on...
  14. Stock fuel pump fb
  15. '82 RX-7 Clutch Not Engaging
  16. have to heel toe at stops?!
  17. 1988 Gxl na gas pissing under upper intake manifold (stock)
  18. fd ball joints
  19. Starts and dies
  20. Tick tock sound in dash
  21. Coolant
  22. help
  23. 4pot brakes on 4lug s4 base
  24. New to the rx7 scene. Help
  25. Change to another differential
  26. New owner, bad tps, wire crossed, funky idle. What else to look out for?
  27. Need Some Assistance/Guidance on 1st Rx7
  28. What to do now? New FC owner here.
  29. Just got my engine rebuilt, no I hear a noise when I press down on my clutch.
  30. runs great but hesitates
  31. too much smoke
  32. turbo II charging issues
  33. Door Speakers Not Working
  34. FC Headlight Motor Relay
  35. No spark, coil test?
  36. Upgrading to T3 on my FC
  37. Grounding question 86 s4 NA
  38. swap
  39. Did my friend F**** up?
  40. I know im a noob but....
  41. Interior paint matching colors
  42. MYSTERY KEYS - Explanation?
  43. Tail light center plate
  44. Best Plan of attack for restoring 1989 Tii s5
  45. FC engine install question
  46. Fb rx7 renesis
  47. 86 fc gxl restoration
  48. help car won't start..
  49. Regulator driver's side window motor and assembly for a RX-7 convertible 1988
  50. Bee R rev limiter
  51. Fitting Strange Drag racing front brakes
  52. Mystery Wire
  53. Idle Issues
  54. Will an N3A1 ecu still throw the EGR CEL error?
  55. Where can I buy a single rotor... and does this sound right?
  56. Starting 12a without fuel pump
  57. 89 won't start
  58. Fuel problems...
  59. Cleaning Greddy Intake Air Filters
  60. EGI fuse blowing and secondary injectors not coming in
  61. Fuel and idle issue
  62. First gen s2 parts interchangeable
  63. FB catalytic converter questions
  64. KD Rotary rebuild?
  65. Mazdatrix adjustable camber link noise.
  66. Stall and Go
  67. ast install
  68. Cost of RX-7
  69. 1st gen GSL-SE RIMS
  70. Battery suggestion
  71. New to the world of Mazdas and rotory some questions I would like sneered please :)
  72. rx7 and mice smell
  73. Need help with FB headlights
  74. Fuel Injector Help
  75. Help getting my first gen back on the road
  76. Hello and Help
  77. Help me with blower motor & wiper switch?
  78. Failed Smog - high CO levels
  79. hi. newbie here, oily turbo problem!! help :-D
  80. wont stop over heating
  81. help! fd smokes then dies!
  82. Oil Cooler Mounts - Looking for ideas
  83. 1990 Mazda rx7 Convertible...please help
  84. electrical gremlins
  85. Carbonetics Clutch installations problems
  86. a couple issues I need help with
  87. Fd3s cuts out after 5 seconds
  88. Idle boucing, not sure whats causing it.
  89. Radio & Clock stop functioning when turn lights on
  90. exhaust advice
  91. what should I do.
  92. 79' steering column wiggle (pic)
  93. New rebuild, stage 1 Rtek - flooding out
  94. Stripping paint from assembled engine
  95. Oil filter question
  96. Car died, won't start
  97. Fuel Out Valve?
  98. FD3S center speaker metal clips
  99. FD3S Boostproblems or others?
  100. chassis mount spoilers
  101. boost con
  102. No start after rebuild. PLEASE HELP!!!
  103. Trailing coil arcs no matter what i do, also clock issue.
  104. Compression results
  105. Aftermarket Ignition Coil Wiring
  106. abs delete kit?
  107. Do I need a new engine?
  108. How to unflood 1985 GSL-SE
  109. New FD owner, boost and antenna questions
  110. Spark Plug Wire Resistance fb
  111. GS just died while driving
  112. bad differential
  113. Need help identifying my parts!
  114. Need help identifying my problem.
  115. 86 gxl running problems need suggestions
  116. Car does not start
  117. help me please!
  118. 88 turbo II upgrade path ?
  119. Timing
  120. 12A rotor housings
  121. 12A Rebuild
  122. 1990 convertible oil metering
  123. S4/5 rear iron trans bolt pattern, anyone have a copy?
  124. 5zigen exhaust on FD?
  125. rotary run racing headlight question
  126. Hard to find clutch pedal accessories!
  127. Windshield Wiper Reservoir Issue
  128. Starting issues?
  129. S5 wiring on S4 motor?
  130. 87 fc n/a brake problems. dont know were to start
  131. How to unlock Glovebox?
  132. Rear Camber Adjusters
  133. Help!! Building an FD turbo manifold
  134. RHD/LHD Crossmember interchangable?
  135. 1995 Rx7 door handle - Need help please
  136. Odometer / Trip Counter adjustment
  137. fd front clip and manual conversion questions
  138. Transmissions?
  139. 81 GSL stock, exhaust question
  140. Blinking airbag light
  141. First Rebuild
  142. 134a A/C conversion Kit?
  143. new 1st gen rotary rx7 owner and new to the racing scene.
  144. FD- power fc/thermowax querie
  145. 88 Convertible with a few issues, could use the help.
  146. **Air/Fuel ratio**
  147. Do I need this exhaust line?
  148. Start Up Problem
  149. Dashlights not coming on in my fc!
  150. No horn 84 gls se
  151. 12a torque specs
  152. Fuel gauge
  153. Rear wheel help
  154. stumble under load
  155. Primary turbo boosting issue in '92 FD
  156. Seat belt light flashing, and headlight problem
  157. What are people using for a clutch?
  158. FB Seat swap
  159. Passing the California Star Smog
  160. Wooping sound.. lack of boost on my FD.
  161. Question about the Delay Valve
  162. headlights and coolant beeping sound?
  163. Smoking Ignition Switch?
  164. idling problems please help!!
  165. 5th and 6th port question
  166. No fuego (in English)
  167. SAFC I wiring on an S4 N/A
  168. No start, stumping me.
  169. finding internal water leak
  170. 79 rx7 electrical external volt regulator and fusible links.
  171. Rough Idle and power loss
  172. 93 FD High RPM Lose of Power
  173. backfire and lost of power while sideways?
  174. Losing my mind. Weird Electrical Problem, Alarm/Turbo Timer related?
  175. engine goes to limp mode
  176. fb coils help
  177. Is there a clue where to start?
  178. 1988 Rx7
  179. Emissions removal/ non sequential conversion
  180. Transmission noise?
  181. "BRAKE" light on '85 S
  182. i need some carb help please!
  183. Short maybe?
  184. Tps issues
  185. power issue?
  186. tranny issue
  187. Turbo upgrade advice
  188. Washer fluid low light
  189. New used 88 convertible starter issues
  190. Windshield Trim Removal
  191. I wanna lube her right, please help.
  192. Gas Smell, ONLY after fillup
  193. First time pulling my engine
  194. jdm turbo ii engine on a na drivetrain
  195. Coolant smell when starting the car...
  196. Can you put a Turbo or Supercharger in a non tubro
  197. Porting an 12a 1st gen
  198. Automatic tranny thermostat housing vs. Manual Tranny thermostat housing
  199. 91 rx7 fc vert high idle (2k)
  200. Problem with the jdm blue x5
  201. Replacement Antenna?
  202. More technical about a bolt on
  203. Buy or run
  204. 79 radio wiring
  205. Jim from TN. 1983 RX-7 GS
  206. Need help knowing how to replace my clutch
  207. Wont idle need help please!
  208. Do I need my split air pipe for 6PI?
  209. turbo timer
  210. buying a 13b engine
  211. Vacuum Cap off Questions.
  212. 12A headers
  213. GTUs from '90
  214. trans questions
  215. Running rich, sputtering
  216. Transmission issues
  217. engine loses power
  218. Help for a deer in the headlights
  219. For those that modify their cars themselves
  220. Fuel Filter
  221. Help with low boost and smoke
  222. Oil Leak on a '87 Turbo II with '90 Motor
  223. Flywheel And Crankshaft Related, PLZ HELP
  224. squirting oil into the rotor?
  225. FC RX7 Crank but wont start, fuel problem?
  226. Wot falling on face
  227. Help with Injector Wiring.
  228. Cut wire under steering column?! this doesn't look good...
  229. Afr problems
  230. car died on freeway
  231. Stupidity
  232. S4 NA RX7 High Idle
  233. Rear Differential Question/Suggestions
  234. Sprint RE base map
  235. my fb won't start!
  236. rx7 no spark
  237. New to rotary -- need info before I take the plunge.
  238. Steering wheel removed, and now my FC won't start?
  239. Changing power fc values
  240. Door lock cylinder
  241. Engine Fire; is it salvageable?
  242. Should the lateral link be bent?
  243. 79 gen 1 v8 swap
  244. Front Rotor Damage Check - Help!
  245. Injector Bleed Socket Vaccuum Ports (S5 NA)
  246. Carb Rebuild Kit & Manual
  247. Best Car cover size for fd
  248. flooding after start up
  249. '86 N/A TB and fast idle cam
  250. Fresh Rebuild, 130mi front rotor no fire