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  1. Exhaust question on my 85'
  2. where to get 1990Mazda RX-7 RX7 Service Shop Repair Manual
  3. turbo install
  4. Coolant issues/ no issues
  5. best way to lower 1984 rx7
  6. half bridge on stock twin turbos
  7. ECCENTRIC SHAFT SEAL wore a groove in flywheel
  8. Best gearbox for high bhp?
  9. TII vs. NA
  10. s4 na wont idle correctly
  11. Rear rotor compression
  12. Wheel Hub bearing races and wheel bearings
  13. almost rebuild time need some imput
  14. Disable airbag beeper
  15. Wiring harness wrap recommendation
  16. boost leak issue.
  17. Coming from an s2000
  18. 1990 GTU N/A 13b wont start
  19. **New to RX7 need help- thanks!
  20. All the small things
  21. need wiring help
  22. need help finding something
  23. Convetible top wont open
  24. 1988 Convertible questions
  25. Start problem on a s5 fc
  26. Tail lights not turning off
  27. 89 na fuel pump not working after sitting a few years.
  28. prone to overheating
  29. 13B TII Four port wrap over intake recommendation
  30. 87 na wont start
  31. "re-align clutch"
  32. is low oil effecting startup?
  33. convertible tops
  34. pressure in cooling system only when cranking or cold
  35. Hi-6 crane cams unit back to stock! HELP
  36. 88 FC VERT - Minor issues (Battery, Steering, trans, audio)
  37. 90 TurboII ABS false activation
  38. L2 Coil Not firing spark LS1 Coils
  39. Emissions failed
  40. Car just die after reinstall air pump
  41. v8 searching at the junkyard
  42. Sudden loss of power and shaking
  43. Dome/Map lights
  44. Strong exhaust smell?
  45. Fuel injectors wont fire
  46. 85 12a check valve
  47. Continued steering woes
  48. 5th & 6th ports question?
  49. s4 to s5 intake swap vacuum route
  50. hi i have a question about my mazda rx7
  51. Help Please
  52. s5 fan clutch on an s4?
  53. FC3S Idle valve air source connection point for AC
  54. Carbon Buildup
  55. need some ideas
  56. Help determining value of an FD.
  57. Really need some help, Overheating?
  58. Temperature Spikes
  59. Rx7 series 6 width
  60. 88 N/A rx7 GXL 3500k stutter not injectors
  61. Bouncy headlight in my FD
  62. Best down pipe gasket RHD FD3S?
  63. 85 rx7 tops out different rpms in different gears
  64. What does this wire do?
  65. 1988 FC3C Fuel Injector Help
  66. 1986 FC N/A Wiring Diagram
  67. FORMULA MAZDA/ atkins port sleves
  68. information regarding s5 intake swap
  69. video of cold startup
  70. 1st pre-cat honeycomb is cracked
  71. Rx7 fuel pump not working and Right turn signal turning on and off randomly
  72. 1987 NA rx7 clutch master removal
  73. Fuel Regulator Question
  74. is this is the classic hot start problems?
  75. Is it worth the repairs?
  76. built motors
  77. Which tyre size in Front? 235 or 255??!!
  78. Backfiring and no power 1996 fd
  79. Battery Charge Light, Goes Off When "Shift Up" Light comes on?
  80. Rx7 gsl-se wont start
  81. 89 GXL warm idle issue
  82. Logicon/Climate Control Stopped Working Completely
  83. 87 turbo fc
  84. 88 gxl -> turbo swap wont' start, no fuel
  85. Rotory retard
  86. Need help Rear lateral link spec
  87. Jdm Swap vs Rebuild for daily driving
  88. New FD with some issues
  89. EGI Fuse Bigger? Also Pop-Up Function?
  90. my 86 glx wont crank over sometimes
  91. 82 rx7 build troubles
  92. A/C parts list
  93. change manuel transmission fluid?
  94. thucks sounds and temperature reading
  95. Tall Guy Problems - Seat Lower?
  96. 1987 NA, trouble starting
  97. kenneth, 88gxl. in need of advice.
  98. 89 rx7 goes from start to redline
  99. Rough running with Holley 4bbl
  100. Flashers are somewhat disinterested in their job
  101. Screw under the elbow help.
  102. Floor pan question
  103. will not start after sitting all night
  104. Pops but wont start
  105. 2 VIN #'s on car?
  106. What Exactly Is My Rotary Called?
  107. New To The Rotary Scene
  108. S5 headlight issue
  109. 93 touring Bose system question
  110. '87 TII Fuel Gauge Not Working
  111. Excessively high oil pressure after oil change?
  112. 84 GSL SE Oil Cooler Leak
  113. 1986 rx7 wont turn off
  114. probably limo mode?!
  115. Smog issues cont.
  116. Already rebuilt, to late to streetport?
  117. smog issues
  118. Auto to Manual Conversion.
  119. FD3 Suspension swap
  120. Cold start idle
  121. Haltech p1000 new harness
  122. Advice needed for 300-350 HP from an S5 T2
  123. Couple of questions
  124. 1994 JDM FD - Rebuild Timing
  125. FD Idle Surge/Bad Start w/ VIDEO
  126. anyone heard of league rims?
  127. My fuel pump doesnt get current..Faulty fuel pump relay? HELP!
  128. 82 rx7 starter runs slow
  129. Does anyone have a spec list for the RX-7 GX?
  130. FC RX7 No power to fuel pump, faulty relay?
  131. 94 Left headlight will not open/close from switch.
  132. Abnormal Starting Issues, Can't Pinpoint The Problem
  133. Need help with ngine removal
  134. Potential new RX7 FC Vert owner with questions!
  135. Foot pedals and short shifter question
  136. 4 port vs. 6 port 13B for rally racing?
  137. wipers and sunroof aren't working with engine on
  138. Squeaky Belt on Startup
  139. Runs roush after deflood then dies/wont start
  140. 87 starts then dies
  141. trouble installing bee*r on vert
  142. 86 GXL smoke from exhaust
  143. Engine selection for a rotospit
  144. I have a problem to start the engine HELP!!!
  145. Failed Smog due to NO (PPM)
  146. What is this part?
  147. [UK] Question about boost gauge on S5 TII Cabriolet
  148. FC Charge pipe setup....
  149. Engine problems help!!!!
  150. I'm bringing a red FD back from the dead! Some advice please.
  151. FD dual fuel pump install question
  152. Repair Frame Rust?
  153. Ecu ground wire? and mystery wire cut (Need help!)
  154. Window power switch
  155. Looking to fix slightly bent frame
  156. SQUEAKING - horribly annoying - please help
  157. turbo II no exhaust?
  158. Misfire or hesitation only when drifting
  159. Need Help Assembling Motoria Exhaust On S4 TII
  160. TII swaped 86 fc wont start
  161. Can anyone identify these wires? they dont look OEM -1990 Vert
  162. Clutch/transmission issue
  163. 89 13B swap into 86-88
  164. 86 na hesitation, tps, ground, ports or other?
  165. FD Shutting Down When Warm
  166. Fix bent frame from improper jacking?
  167. difference between 12A and 13B
  168. Looking for a GIF
  169. Going into limp mode
  170. heat light on
  171. S5 rx7 auto trans help (possible bridge project)
  172. changing auto trans fluid
  173. Where do I buy this piece of hose....
  174. Clutch Trans questions
  175. New vert seals, still have puddles of water.
  176. Act flywheel vs stock
  177. exhaust leak no boost
  178. Loss Of Power
  179. how should i tune the power fc
  180. READ THIS: Put a Brief Description of your Problem in the TITLE.
  181. Primary injectors not turning on...
  182. Stock fuel pump fb
  183. '82 RX-7 Clutch Not Engaging
  184. have to heel toe at stops?!
  185. 1988 Gxl na gas pissing under upper intake manifold (stock)
  186. fd ball joints
  187. Starts and dies
  188. Tick tock sound in dash
  189. Coolant
  190. help
  191. 4pot brakes on 4lug s4 base
  192. New to the rx7 scene. Help
  193. Change to another differential
  194. New owner, bad tps, wire crossed, funky idle. What else to look out for?
  195. Need Some Assistance/Guidance on 1st Rx7
  196. What to do now? New FC owner here.
  197. Just got my engine rebuilt, no I hear a noise when I press down on my clutch.
  198. runs great but hesitates
  199. too much smoke
  200. turbo II charging issues
  201. Door Speakers Not Working
  202. FC Headlight Motor Relay
  203. No spark, coil test?
  204. Upgrading to T3 on my FC
  205. Grounding question 86 s4 NA
  206. swap
  207. Did my friend F**** up?
  208. I know im a noob but....
  209. Interior paint matching colors
  210. MYSTERY KEYS - Explanation?
  211. Tail light center plate
  212. Best Plan of attack for restoring 1989 Tii s5
  213. FC engine install question
  214. Fb rx7 renesis
  215. 86 fc gxl restoration
  216. help car won't start..
  217. Regulator driver's side window motor and assembly for a RX-7 convertible 1988
  218. Bee R rev limiter
  219. Fitting Strange Drag racing front brakes
  220. Mystery Wire
  221. Idle Issues
  222. Will an N3A1 ecu still throw the EGR CEL error?
  223. Where can I buy a single rotor... and does this sound right?
  224. Starting 12a without fuel pump
  225. 89 won't start
  226. Fuel problems...
  227. Cleaning Greddy Intake Air Filters
  228. EGI fuse blowing and secondary injectors not coming in
  229. Fuel and idle issue
  230. First gen s2 parts interchangeable
  231. FB catalytic converter questions
  232. KD Rotary rebuild?
  233. Mazdatrix adjustable camber link noise.
  234. Stall and Go
  235. ast install
  236. Cost of RX-7
  237. 1st gen GSL-SE RIMS
  238. Battery suggestion
  239. New to the world of Mazdas and rotory some questions I would like sneered please :)
  240. rx7 and mice smell
  241. Need help with FB headlights
  242. Fuel Injector Help
  243. Help getting my first gen back on the road
  244. Hello and Help
  245. Help me with blower motor & wiper switch?
  246. Failed Smog - high CO levels
  247. hi. newbie here, oily turbo problem!! help :-D
  248. wont stop over heating
  249. help! fd smokes then dies!
  250. Oil Cooler Mounts - Looking for ideas