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  1. oil pan gasket question
  2. just wanted to say thanks!!!
  3. ***my FD thread was locked***
  4. Turbo system simplification question
  5. Anyone Good at Computers? Heres my idea.
  6. 1995' 6cyl. FD for sale?
  7. WARRANTY confirmation....
  8. Best ECU to suit my goals.
  9. Anyone ran Flowmasters on a FD?
  10. stumble under full throttle acceleration, any ideas?
  11. anyones with jdm sidemarkers?
  12. Car Cover
  13. Electric Boost Gauge
  14. Need quick answer.....
  15. Question about redline
  16. How should I go about getting a new (well not new) engine?
  17. Model designators?
  18. Im over it.
  19. Year 2000 conversion
  20. Rx8 Lighted shifter fits right on + group buy going on
  21. New body kit, lookin for feedback
  22. thickness of your radiator
  23. Bomex Body Kit Install Log, Check It Out
  24. Any way to adjust headlights to line up with hood and bumper?
  25. Strut Tower Brace
  26. is there for sale forum?
  27. rotary experts please help
  28. What model weighs the least?
  29. Polyurethane motor mounts
  30. COOLANT LEAK..found problem..
  31. What's the correct wiring harness?
  32. 3 bar map sensor questions
  33. Custom coolant temp warning
  34. Does M2 Performance still make mods for the FD?
  35. electric blowers
  36. help my signal lights dont work
  37. Bastard little storage pocket cover
  38. FD Motor rebuilt prices
  39. Exhaust Question
  40. Anyone Know These turbos?
  41. which exhaust
  42. May need fuel system upgrade?
  43. FDs came in "SP II"????
  44. Replace Pre Cat with DP? Will it pass emissions?
  45. How-to: Throttle body modification to fix secondary butterflies
  46. A New RX-7 Buyer with blown engine Done know what to do!!!
  47. Total newbie...please help
  48. Throttle body stress cracks, anyone seen this before?
  49. Ecu's And Laptops
  50. Explain how/why aluminum 2-piece pulley set can add 15-22 ponies??
  51. new eng.removed emmissions wont rev
  52. SAMCO Sport Turbo hoses, worth it?
  53. FD storage advice/whats my fd worth?
  54. 15 rwhp grounding kit?!?!?!?!
  55. o2 sensor
  56. overflow empty, filler neck & ast full?
  57. Blowoff at idle ?
  58. Overboosting all of a sudden
  59. Car won't start
  60. i need some help here
  61. Install Your Own Exhaust?
  62. Stock turbos = noise makers!
  63. Best ECU For My HP Goal?
  64. R-Magic dashboard instrumentation...similar to Defi BF gauges
  65. Performance coating question?
  66. HELP!!! adaptor plate for TH350 trans.???
  67. Good place to get braided hoses??
  68. Downpipe and Midpipe ?
  69. More (newbie) questions!
  70. Best Bang for the Buck?
  71. Snow drivin'
  72. six speed rx7
  73. Walbro for FD???
  74. check out new pop up head light kit!!!
  75. cleaning out carbon build up
  76. What a FD should sound like.
  77. Smoke at startup... but no leaks?
  78. What happened after installing the M2 ecu
  79. blitz intercooler bad pressure drop?
  80. Secondary Boost problem, Searched, but it didn't help
  81. Brembo, Power Slot or Stock?
  82. Flywheel nut. Auto to Manual coversion
  83. Supra pump: What is the correct model year to use in our cars?
  84. Replacement friction surface for M2 flywheel?
  85. Downpipe question
  86. *Coolant problem*
  87. Has anyone used a lower temp thermostat?
  88. Who makes the best oil cooler kit for the FD?
  89. How long with dropping coolant and white smoke before engine totally dead?
  90. confirmed: RX7=worst car ever.....
  91. rx-7 VS mx-6
  92. A Couple of Auto to Manual Questions
  93. How much should I pay for a bone stock 93 montego blue FD with 25,000 miles
  94. Rear seats; they're in:
  95. Misc interior part numbers revealed :)
  96. what causes fans not to come on
  97. greddy td06 single turbo
  98. Carpet
  99. Greddy Profec EO-1 Question
  100. Sony Ericsson T61X FD Theme
  101. 94 rx7 wont pass 4500 rpms
  102. Oil in intake the intake elbow?
  103. How To....PULLEYS
  104. What Else Can Break on My Car?
  105. backup lights?
  106. Has anyone ever tried DP+MP with stock catback?
  107. Attn clayne....
  108. New Membro
  109. Clutch Slipping?
  110. Fuel system & motor mod plans, please read and comment ( I did search)
  111. Magnaflow Ti exhaust, anyone have one yet?
  112. Engine spins but won't START!! help.
  113. Is it safe to remove the vacuum check valves?
  114. dp and gaskets
  115. anyone done koyo install?
  116. Help wiring cwest headlight kit....
  117. fastest rx-7
  118. rear speaker questions
  119. ACV?Boost problem? Causes car to shudder
  120. rebuilding 5 speed...what should be replaced?
  121. Pictures of New '93 Turn Signals with Smoked Lenses
  122. Boost Vs. Boost/Vacuum Gauge
  123. My Rx-8's cooling system VS Rx-7's. LOL
  124. Oil Pan Gaskets!!!
  125. stock exhaust
  126. Buying Used Aftermarket ECU
  127. Whats in a Turbo Rebuild Kit?
  128. Auto to Manual Wiring Q
  129. 99 JDM combo lights vs. copies?
  130. How do I remove the headlight assembly?
  131. Please help me get rid of this annoying noise!!
  132. Real FD owners
  133. Steering rack?
  134. Modifying stock air duct: Good as Ram Air?
  135. Building an ECU harness adapter
  136. starting problems with a blowing LIM gasket
  137. Got a low milage turbo pack what to do
  138. Has anyone made their own Cold Air Intake Box?? Already searched
  139. Should I paint my FD flat black?
  140. auto thread
  141. unlimited mods as long as its at 10 psi?
  142. This one is for Steve Kan about tuning with kdr anti det. device
  143. New to RX7s
  144. Picture of the black divider behind seat-Request!
  145. Rx7 Troubles PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  146. Need pics of Blitz front mount
  147. Converting from auto to manual
  148. fuel pump test question
  149. Blown Apex seal
  150. mods for single turbo
  151. Searched and found nothing on Home Depot Boost Controllers
  152. Exhaust Fumes in Cabin
  153. did it blow
  154. *Phew* add coolant light & buzzer...
  155. Hard pipes w/filters causing too much boost!?!?
  156. Best places to get OEM/Maintanence parts for our FDs?
  157. Whats that sound
  158. Scoot 4Rotary FD
  159. i was drifting and now my steering wheel is messed up
  160. Best place to get Defi Gauges.. and install hints..
  161. wedge collar/ring question (clutch install)
  162. Is 18k too much?
  163. HKS Twin Pak Ignition
  164. Power To Manual Steering
  165. DIN measurements
  166. female rx7 drivers?
  167. Just got my mazdacomp membership...Awesome
  168. The orange REA JGTC widebody on HCI & Modified Mag
  169. Is it possible to remove all the vacuum lines.
  170. boost spike
  171. Look Real Quick!! Have New Car ??
  172. Flooding Problem
  173. Need some help w/Idle
  174. K&W or CRC Block Weld?
  175. Fuel Injector problems...
  176. car smokes when turned on...wat cud be wrong?
  177. Poor man's fix
  178. Gurus: Help with really odd fisfire
  179. Any opinion on Actron Faze boost gauge? Reliable?
  180. COOLANT leaking..
  181. Switching 550s for 850s what needs to be done??
  182. Rx8 vs. 3rd Gen Rx7
  183. Returning Rotary -- Born again Rotary--Help!!
  184. What's the diameter of the circles on the 99 spec tallights?
  185. Turbos, Shaft Play, Oil Leak & Rebuilding
  186. where 2 buy roll cage?
  187. where can i get motor mounts asap!!
  188. Elec/fuel Issue
  189. Gauge Cluster
  190. Reliability Mods Thread
  191. fuel pump not priming
  192. wont start! why?
  193. Why are some different??
  194. Driver's Door Problem
  195. spark plug socket size?
  196. where to get spirit-r emblems?
  197. apexi gt int. and Koyo radiator
  198. best place to get aquamist 1s
  199. I want to get a high-flow cat now!
  200. idle control valve?
  201. Factory Wiring Color Question
  202. herblenny in Super Street
  203. R-Magic Tow hook?
  204. RPM tops out at 5k in 5th gear
  205. 13B removal help/advise needed
  206. What do I need to run 1 bar?
  207. White residue in oil oil filler
  208. automatic shifts
  209. The Perfect 7 For Everyday Driving???
  210. New member: Neal
  211. Koni Sport settings
  212. Pettits large SMIC VS M2performance large SMIC...
  213. numbers estimate for this setup?
  214. FMIC or SMIC? That is the question...
  215. Pics from my rebuild
  216. Guage Wiring Help
  217. Most Willing To Pay for Charred Engine?
  218. Hardened E-Shaft
  219. Seat Brackets!! Someone HELP!!
  220. prices
  221. FD's in SCC's Ultimate Street Car Challenge
  222. Turbo XS Bov
  223. How to remove AC
  224. New FD wont start
  225. Fuel controller
  226. Help, Oil leaking
  227. RX7 stalling problem
  228. really need to know where to get map sensor ASAP
  229. quick question about premix
  230. pre-mix.... effect octane???
  231. Cracked PPF or Bad LSD? (FD3S)
  232. What can I get rid of?
  233. Amemiya painted it silver
  234. Low idle, low vacuum, not map sensor. ideas?
  235. must the Igniter Assy be the same number? herlp
  236. Idle issue, help.....
  237. rotary Remove and rebuild video?
  238. Engine Noises and shudders
  239. Apexi Super AFC-II
  240. which exhaust should i get
  241. Quickest time to blow an engine?
  242. Greddy FMIC 2 row install ?
  243. ECU next or FMIC???
  244. Pics of my week old FD
  245. SR motorsports hf fuel pump part number ???
  246. what does EGR block-off plate look like?
  247. Just installed my tranny brace
  248. Where to buy a Transmission!
  249. ebay rx7, its been there for months, whos is it?
  250. problem at idle