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  1. Residual at Oil Filler Neck? What's wrong?
  2. air ib power steering
  3. emergency question about v band clamp
  4. HID for FD???
  5. Where is a Good place to buy 13B-T motor?
  6. intake piping
  7. Turn off the Cooling fans
  8. PLEASE! help me (car died and won't start)!
  9. Ebay Pulleys?
  10. By Baby,I'll miss you ..3:14pm. eastern time.
  11. 99 spe spoiler mounting
  12. Profect B Spec II Settings
  13. Stock ECU Remapping....
  14. good deal??
  15. Can Tial wastegate be used with BNR upgraded turbos?
  16. Profec B Spec II
  17. What kind of twin turbo's does Kevin Wyum have?
  18. Do I need a new ECU?
  19. Cool FD site
  20. Stuck turbo actuator rod?
  21. what was that bang???
  22. How many here actually run their own workshops specializing in Rotorys??
  23. All-wheel drive mid-engine 20B FD
  24. Huge problem with my car!
  25. polishing the engine
  26. got exhaust..whats next?
  27. no exhaust
  28. ACT 6 puck clutch is POS
  29. oh what should I do next????!!!
  30. english power fc manual needed
  31. Stupid question (IC Coupler sizing)
  32. new rotary aviation unbreakable apex seal
  33. Sleeping for the winter!
  34. car wont start
  35. damn girl is flooded.
  36. my custom apexi gtr core installation. . .
  37. Rebar Question
  38. OIL Pedastil adaptor
  39. definitive catback exhaust comparison?
  40. Stock turbo's what are they?
  41. Hey I'm New
  42. Strange Idle, not sure if it's even a problem
  43. wheel well cleaning
  44. Where can I get best a RX7???
  45. still got idle issues
  46. automatic gauge cluster
  47. which one is the primary injector?
  48. Gordon Monsen's car is on ebay too!
  49. Need to install my harness... where?
  50. About to drive my FD after being idle for months...
  51. Japan series 6
  52. pressing out rotor bearings
  53. Ok, so here is the situation....
  54. Greddy FMIC for FD is all done!
  55. My Project Car... PICS!!!
  56. My rpm is bouncing up and down?????help
  57. Who has the V-Mount Intercooler/Radiator?
  58. carbon fiber hoods
  59. What is the gauge of the wiring harness that resides above the left wheel well?
  60. borla xr1 in midpipe dyno graphs
  61. Quick Brake Rotor question
  62. heres a 6 speed that will fit in an FD
  63. Any one knows?
  64. Homemade intake question.
  65. Lowered with problems?
  66. CRV at 3500 ?
  67. m2 intake and pettit ic.. fit or no???
  68. speedometer & tach failure
  69. color opinions please!
  70. 3k rpm stutter
  71. FD for sale ( Starting bid: $29,000 )
  72. Broke something, cheapest place to get one of these?
  73. What do u think of these reverse lights?
  74. Double Din?
  75. Will R1 strut brace clear IC pipes?
  76. Nice ebay FD
  77. Engine Blew harming new turbos???
  78. Newbie Here!!
  79. vacuum leak or another problem?
  80. Bönez Racing Clutch Good or Bad!
  81. Compression at 90 lbs on each side
  82. Riced out third gen
  83. conversion from bar to psi
  84. Boost Guage Questions
  85. SMIC intercoolers, hp output
  86. RotaryExtremes Monster Oil Coolers
  87. Turbo's and Radiator load
  88. So So Fast!!!!!
  89. Need help finding replacement bulbs behind HVAC in FD
  90. What mods will eliminate this?
  91. Boost Problem, Have tried Most things.
  92. Rear Diff removal question.
  93. who makes the best engine?
  94. Thoughts on relocation of IAT sensor
  95. odd boost problem...stock engine
  96. if your car is down right now, why?
  97. Inquiry - New Dual Oil Cooler Kit!!
  98. nice rx7 drifting video
  99. motor mounts , need them!!
  100. ATF in a Stick?
  101. Shifting Problems
  102. Transmission Fluid
  103. Cooling Fan coming on while car off but fan off while car running????
  104. porting the wastegate...
  105. Stock Injector Size
  106. good buy, bad buy???
  107. Stock Rotary Blows Up!?!?...
  108. 12 lbs of vac? problem?
  109. Apex'i PS Revolution do you think?
  110. Getting new turbos
  111. where to get lens for RE Amemiya light kit?
  112. 12 psi ok?
  113. Wiring guru's please help
  114. Bare Minimum rebuild
  115. Tranny Rebuild How-To?
  116. HKS Exhaust Manifold
  117. Stiff Shifting
  118. idle warm up rpm?
  119. StopTech brake kit is nearing completion...
  120. Wiring guru's please help
  121. Oil control ring question
  122. Am i gonna be ok?
  123. I got bored so I took out my motor
  124. dealer scamming me?
  125. any1 know how to remove rear bumper?
  126. what IC is this?
  127. Auto to manual with Prolight flywheel
  128. Greddy = Trust?
  129. Problematic FD
  130. ic
  131. Which IC?
  132. Picks of my New FD (3 months old)
  133. Heat Shield for Apexi Intakes?
  134. Titanium can't take the heat?
  135. Remove rear window wiper on FD
  136. GReddy Profec E-01 vs. HKS EVC-JDM
  137. FD: The ultimate money pit
  138. FD Spec
  139. WaSSup New In Hea!!
  140. Hawker Odyssey PC680 Battery performance in Cold weather ?
  141. some pics of my car and its new fuel...
  142. Need help with the purchase of my 1st RX7
  143. Anyone know of an XM antenna that will fit...
  144. new BNR upgrade PICS!!!
  145. 3-rotor RX-8
  146. Keyless entry?
  147. Oil pressure gauge
  148. Short Shifter
  149. Boost Sensor
  150. anyone ever heard of a af22R turbo?
  151. twin oil coolers on a touring auto?
  152. fpd removal/replacement
  153. is it my slave cylinder or what?
  154. dealer no no's?
  155. Engine / Turbo Broken-in or, still broken ??
  156. Has anyone tried this downpipe and midpipe?
  157. Need your recommendation.
  158. SAFC best choice
  159. chin spoiler
  160. Turbo Parallel for 8 hours!!!!
  161. $1900 for oil cooler lines and labor...
  162. Which sparkplugs?
  163. Check your steering rack mount bolts
  164. Spii
  165. Black/blue smoke and rought idle on start, have searched
  166. I m deciding to buy an intercooler ....
  167. FD a daily driver??????
  168. Has anyone had a Teflon encapsulated silicone o-ring fail?
  169. Steering column cover rattles-proposed solutions
  170. Greddy relief valve???
  171. Newbie... Help - Looking at a '93 RX-7 w/ 5k miles
  172. Need help and advice.
  173. No Throttle Response?
  174. For those who have removed the ACV...
  175. Fuel system picture
  176. Turbo question?
  177. Race Car Price question
  178. Modification Help please
  179. Modification help please
  180. 93 Modification help Please
  181. Got my ACT prolight flywheel and Extreme clutch today.
  182. Loosing boost aftet going over 4500 rpm
  183. I Got a question
  184. My car + some questions
  185. just got an FD
  186. Upgraded turbo question
  187. -6 or -10 for coolant lines?
  188. Gas Gauge Light???
  189. Anyone make upgraded clutch forks
  190. Some little Non-seq question
  191. Bur7eqp
  192. loosing boost aftet going over 4500 rpm
  193. NC is crazy
  194. New cooling fans *pics*
  195. Will mod'd intake, DP, stock cat and CB kill with stock ECU?
  196. Aerial/Antennas?
  197. NEw Power FC members who think about cutting the pins WARNING
  198. ECU problems- Please help
  199. coolant bubbling after shut down...
  200. Quality grill mesh material
  201. Gettin rid of the amber in the tail lights?
  202. Pics of MY engine bay
  203. New pics of my just completed FD
  204. Anyone have any unfo on a knight sports ecu (not the ebay chip)
  205. My ebay parts installed
  206. Downpipe Question
  207. racing beat flywheel question
  208. More Sound Clips of the Powertone Ex.
  209. The more things change, the more they stay the same...
  210. What size are the couplings for the apexi dual intake?
  211. for the rex7?
  212. What's the best ECU for my planned mods?
  213. Where to get Cheap Commonly Requested Parts
  214. Major problem...need help.
  215. temps after letting car sit while off???
  216. Anyone wideband a Pettit unlimited ecu?
  217. Need some help from the eBayers here...
  218. Cosmo 13 B** twin Turbo
  219. red hot downpipe
  220. Which engine builder has best warranty?
  221. Auto->Manual Diff question
  222. Has anyone tried the fan switch mod?
  223. Cas
  224. turbo part number question?!?!?
  225. need help with omp wiring!
  226. second turbo sometimes spools and sometimes dont..please help
  227. Waels RX7 up for sale again.
  228. Which radiator?
  229. Antenna Problems...
  230. found my fuel leak!
  231. some pics of my project...
  232. HKS Super Dragger Exhaust
  233. Winter pics from sunny ol UK
  234. Best ignition set-up?
  235. Directing cold air to dual cones?
  236. boost problem help!!
  237. loose trunk lid
  238. Bouncy Head Light,..Whats the cure???
  239. looking for FD info
  240. I just got Garfinkle Torque Brace.... Must Have!!!
  241. R1 question
  242. ?'s on PFS PMS
  243. help me!
  244. Seconday boost problem!! Plz help!
  245. Twins question?
  246. Help! differential mount?????
  247. MT oil & GEAR oil.
  248. Fixed Flooding now I am hitting Fuel Cut!! WTF
  249. boost creep
  250. relocating AIT to Greddy elbow vs stock elbow