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  2. boost problems/Boost Results
  3. Innocent mica blue Spirit R's?
  4. idle better, weird sounds now
  5. "flip up" front license plate mount?
  6. The Rx7 Thats Right For Me
  7. APEXi N1 Replica?
  8. Still use the injector diffuser with 1600cc secondaries?
  9. why dont the good guys post?
  10. smoke, plugs and dp
  11. help help pivot headlight adjusters
  12. Installation of pillowball's...
  13. Question on rebuilding the stock twins
  14. miscellaneous ramblings on broken FD
  15. Redemption!!
  16. long time supplies
  17. Muffler Length
  18. Engines for sale?? I need to get a rebuildable, decent core. Know where?
  19. Tranny Pull
  20. got 3 questions....need 3 answers
  21. Compression results
  22. Porting wastegates?
  23. TWO questions about twins
  24. Broken clutch release forks
  25. (Thinking Outside the Box) My fuel leak saga and how it was finally solved.
  26. oil coolers
  27. 4" dp/mp
  28. What should I expect to pay?
  29. When did you buy your FD and how many miles did it have...
  30. Apexi BOV will fit?
  31. smokes
  32. Am I missing something here?
  33. smic vs fmic(hard facts no b.s.)
  34. oil metering pump removal question
  35. I Have 6000 Dollars And A Stock FD....
  36. my car, thats not running still
  37. Help, car is crazy, I've search and now ready to just give up
  38. About to destroy my door panel
  39. About to destroy my door panel
  40. smoke, muddy idle 'n' sh*t!
  41. Apexi n1 sound question
  42. weird idle prob, please help
  43. Boost Problem Part 2
  44. how do you make the twin turbo`s non- sequential
  45. What side is the touring oil cooler on
  46. Finally have boost again!!!
  47. Finally have boost again!!!
  48. boost senser gas filter ?
  49. Synchros
  50. Gullwing RX-7
  51. not sure what clutch to get
  52. question on groundwires
  53. pettit downpipe install help
  54. anyone know where to buy custom carpets?
  55. poor man's fix 2
  56. need quick answer plese help
  57. looking for greddy 2-row instructions
  58. Pettit ECU
  59. holding boost with a MP?
  60. Questions before undertaking Turbo rebuild...
  61. brake booster vaccuum line check valve?
  62. Intercooler ?
  63. Greddy FCD for FD3S
  64. which year is best?
  65. An interesting question in regards to "fuel cut."
  66. Found some new Motor Mounts
  67. Question about spark plug wires
  68. Help...Rear Pillow Bushings
  69. Question about Clutch price and register problem
  70. montego blue owners w/ spoilers...
  71. Which one will work better ?
  72. removing ABS, some questions, not HOW is it done?
  73. Clutch Slave problems
  74. jacking postion
  75. my latest project *pics*
  76. Tanabe
  77. Fan relay wiring question
  78. spark plug changed after 22k mi
  79. Who's using the AEM CDI?
  80. pillar mount gauges
  81. Will this home shop press work
  82. Center Gauge Pod
  83. Convert Right hand drive to left
  84. Costly Repair
  85. How Do I Test The Compression
  86. Blow off valve ! what has happened ??
  87. M2 Carbon CAI Box fitment problems. Need assistance.
  88. rx7store NGK plug set
  89. Now or later?
  90. pics - spotted used coilovers + adj. struts on ebay
  91. Fuel Pump identification?
  92. Fuel Filter Replacement / Upgrade, with pics
  93. A question for the FD experts
  94. More New Pics of Godzilla
  95. coolant question
  96. new exhaust (homemade)...
  97. this isnt good is it?
  98. plugs and wires
  99. a quick question for the rotary gurus
  100. 99 signal light into 93 front bumber?
  101. Power Pulley Question
  102. Need Oem Air Filter Box And Air Duct For Design & Engineering Project
  103. Lucas gear oil? Anyone use this on their trannys?
  104. How much would you pay for a chassis?
  105. looking for my first FD
  106. Intake ???
  107. -3 OMP lines
  108. Non-sequential write-up
  109. 3rd gen gallery
  110. Plug Question
  111. Injector duty & odd sound
  112. Need help with my KnightSports head light conversion
  113. Blitz turbo intake coldair converion
  114. my new baby *pic intensive*
  115. What do you all think about this idea
  116. Hose is venting. Should be filtered?
  117. Re Amemyia Light Kit
  118. Another Boost Problem...
  119. Anyone use this Spark Plug Cleaner ?
  120. Any Ideas on why it's running so rich?
  121. New Pictures of Godzilla
  122. 13-9-10
  123. fuel pressure
  124. newbee question
  125. where to find these FD parts?
  126. My crappy suspension...look
  127. Finally Finished 93
  128. cant get my rebuilt engine running
  129. Photos of my FD with it's Valentines Day gift
  130. Lowest lowering springs
  131. Would this work ?
  132. FD JDM buildup
  133. Boost Problem
  134. a lil project....
  135. Black FD/Smoke and Black Signals, Shiznit pt. II
  136. Coolant Help part 2
  137. Opinions Needed Engine Mechanical Issue
  138. Studder, No BOV?
  139. couple of newb q's
  140. best re-chipped ECU?
  141. battery/ starter? i need help PLEASE( have searched)
  142. Fun with a welder! (pics)
  143. Fastest street 13b
  144. dirty bumper with m2 catback !! what 2 do ??
  145. Can we legally drive a 97 Rx-7 here? Ebay selling?
  146. My DP install
  147. Engine front hub and thrust barring
  148. engine rebuild ????
  149. the new beast
  150. 93' turn signals
  151. How many FDs have you personally wrecked?
  152. There's something magical about "leathermagic" (pics of my seats)
  153. JUST PASSED SMOG w/ 107K!
  154. help help...most HORRIBLE thing ever happend!!!
  155. Which AST to buy?
  156. The New Video Clip of SCOOT 4-Rotor RX7
  157. Which manifold should I buy
  158. DO I have to Mod motor to fit 3mm seals
  159. Today is the day! Tuning at Gotham with Steve Kan..hoping to break 400rwhp!
  160. Help with Race Logic System
  161. How to spot bad turbos?
  162. 4 inch titanium cat-back
  163. adjusting the pedals
  164. Wierd like metal scratching from turbos!
  165. FD Nurburgring lap time
  166. new suspension bushings
  167. Engine Assembly Question (relief Valve)
  168. exhaust leak??
  169. Anyone Have Apexi GT Spec Pics
  170. You know what would be great?
  171. R1 or '99 spec front lip wanted
  172. APEX-i, GREDDY, HKS, or BLITZ?
  173. Pills and stuff
  174. Stupid question but i need an answer.
  175. Problem about C-West Front bumber?
  176. compression test 85 psi
  177. Peter Farrell eh.?
  178. greddy pipe kit question?
  179. Engine Management
  180. KG Parts rails primary injector sealing
  181. jeff48.... calling jeff48.....
  182. RZ Brake Upgrade
  183. Is that slow for automatic?
  184. water pump trouble
  185. Installing Momo Millenium...
  186. Speed Sensor?
  187. Pettit Intake: 3rd Filter part #
  188. Tranny Oil Question
  189. Rotary Tips
  190. I like to hear from people using Toe Links and/or Trailing Arms
  191. Trade my xtra 2ndary Rail for Primary Rail
  192. racing seats, stealing the mazdaspeed name...
  193. 3 mods 2 much?
  194. 26B 4-rotor
  195. Replacing PC/WG Pills
  196. oohh ....'99 spec fans
  197. New Rx7
  198. anyone tried the E-boost electronic boost controller from Turbosmart
  199. Can Someone Please Help Me??
  200. Inj Duty Cycle
  201. hks downpipe and efini y-pipe in, problems though
  202. Check engine light question!!!
  203. transmission lube job, anyone got any good threads?
  204. Engine flush okay for rotary engines?
  205. open air intake cold air problem solved.
  206. for drag racing, what exhaust?
  207. what to take off for rebuild?
  208. question about fuel manegment devices?
  209. 100K miles, to sell or not to sell
  210. Set the appointment today...
  211. pilot bearing tool
  212. FD3S Non-Turbo
  213. Greddy Turbotimer
  214. who has the fastest 1/4 mile time with the stock auto tranny?
  215. Rebuild video review
  216. bolting counterweight to flywheel: what size bolts?
  217. ISC solenoid leaking air
  218. too good to be true?
  219. What are you using to address the delayed PFC boost?
  220. Need to upgrade fuel system for BNR 2 turbos
  221. Is this still a "ding" or just a resulting paint imperfection?
  222. idle won't go down???
  223. Help with Coolant
  224. Engine here... Rebuild there... WTF?
  225. whats that sound? hope it aint the sound of money being spent?
  226. Fuel Pressure questions
  227. Stock PSI turbo boost on FD
  228. CAR still wont run any more good idea's
  229. spark plugs,,,,quick advice
  230. water pump pulley solution
  231. 4.77 gears for ~$300???
  232. V-Mount Theory.....
  233. whats this noise???
  234. whats the biggest repair
  235. strengthening passenger side door handle...
  236. has anyone tried or have any expereince with this?
  237. Pettit ECU/PFS PMC/HKS Fcon
  238. Need Some Answers!
  239. Charge Cooler
  240. RE Amemiya's website...
  241. front leading plug not firing
  242. Black Smoke= Good or Bad
  243. Is this the best boost controller to date?
  244. Black FD w/Clear lense & Black turn signals..the Shiznit.
  245. Who's interested in smoke lens and black background turn lamps?
  246. anyone ever ask you this?
  247. Amazing 40hp from crank pulley
  248. Help diagnose rubbing sound from front when turning
  249. White dots on primary insulators
  250. non-seq mod, now idles high