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  1. HKS SSQV Question.
  2. over boost on cold night
  3. old car is on ebay
  4. ic air guide
  5. Highest Speed with Stock Aerodynamics
  6. Needs some diagnostic advice - 94 stock FD, reman, new turbos
  7. Replaced fuel filter AND...
  8. No cat back with stock cat is surprisingly quiet....
  9. Power FC installer/tuner - maryland
  10. Quick question about oil catch cans???
  11. Injector Frequency
  12. temp sending unit/vac line ?
  13. Estimated power w/these mods...?
  14. Cryogenically freezing
  15. coolant
  16. Pic of Rx7- Jag Engine mount
  17. passenger side motor mount keeps loosening itself
  18. Greddy FMIC 2 row ?
  19. oil cooler and Fan view in-place
  20. Fluids Question
  21. Question for people with Apexi EL boost
  22. which downpipe is best?
  23. I need your opinoins
  24. what does the Overheat Exh System Button do?
  25. Installed new rotors/pads and problems
  26. Intercooler Radiator Configuration
  27. turbos oil leak!
  28. red hot
  29. Fuel Pump Question ??
  30. resistors on simplification
  31. New wheels installed today...
  32. Upper Intake Manifold (UIM) Pictures
  33. midpipe or high flow cat?
  34. car cranks, but won't turn over
  35. FC Faster???
  36. For you guys that do your own work.
  37. Which is the loudest bov for the FD?
  38. Questons about 1999 Spec Front End
  39. BOMZ intake hardpipes - Review with pics
  40. just lowered my car and my abs light comes on!!!!!!help
  41. What was your first modification?
  42. Rx7 Operating Room Pic
  43. M2 Ecu
  44. Can someone tell me what this is for
  45. Mod Engine Mounts
  46. FD, oil cooler & Elect. Fan set up Pic
  47. avc-r on automatic?
  48. New Greddy TI Racing Exhaust
  49. Polishing turbo manifold passages
  50. Intercooler removal question
  51. parking brake light turns on when I lose traction?
  52. Apexi Power FC 4 my oz RX7
  53. Guages?
  54. Unorthodox Racing air pump pulley info
  55. Block Off Plates Again!?
  56. Will you keep your FD 4 rest of your life?
  57. homedepot style ball/spring controllers
  58. subframe quick question
  59. How much louder is a hi-flow cat than the regular stock cat?
  60. Is this possible to do in my garage? (suspension question!)
  61. 850cc Modified Primary Fuel Rail Pictures
  62. Help me fight heat soak!
  63. Goddamn Wastegate!!!
  64. Stainless Braid OMP lines...
  65. how much is an FD subframe worth?
  66. K2RD fuel rail specs...
  67. So how many people have done the Auto -> Manual Swap
  68. A search for Garfinkle-AEM dual capacitor CDI
  69. FD wheel nut size??
  70. blitz catback is trully awesome.
  71. PFS Intercooler problem
  72. Some more questions related to the new StopTech Big Brake Kit
  73. purolator fuel filter vs. mazda fuel filter
  74. Opinions on the APEXI PFC
  75. Looking for a post that search cant
  76. What is the stock rwhp and twtq on a 93+ RX7
  77. Apexi Power Intakes and Greddy or PFS SMIC ?
  78. I finally got those 99 specs from Mako!
  79. Relocating all the Fuses and Relays from the engine bay to the rear hatch?
  80. Who bored out my 850's to 1300cc's?
  81. NO HEAT ... Need Help!
  82. Paint question
  83. Goal: 333RWHP, Possible?
  84. Dropped the FD off for new paint..
  85. pettit or hks downpipe?
  86. Custom Radiator Setup
  87. Tie Rod Ends
  88. Mazda Oem parts
  89. Crickets (high pitched squeel)
  90. Long time, 1st time
  91. REally quick question
  92. Christmas time: suggest mods
  93. Opinions on where to mount Turbo timer
  94. Blitz intake with Greddy FMIC. Will it work?
  95. smoke from the turbo area.heelllp.
  96. Just got HKS dp
  97. Will this Interstate Mega-Tron Plus Battery fit?
  98. please post a pic of your engine if you are using "Hose Techniques" "Super Blue"
  99. MazdaSpeed SMICs?
  100. intake air thermosensor
  101. Auto to Manual
  102. Manual Boost Controller Question
  103. Exhaust Sound with Midpipe
  104. BOV Sound Clips!
  105. How many of you paid for your FD?
  106. Fixed my hesitation easily, now a new problem.
  107. manual boost controller
  108. rough idle, no boost, no smoke
  109. Squeek/Whitling from HVAC?
  110. Can I use a stock ECU for these mods?
  111. Newbie questions regarding the FD
  112. I need studs for the stock cat
  113. tokico struts?
  114. fuel cut?
  115. newbie looking to get an FD
  116. Likes and Dislikes for 7's
  117. Info on the ATS LSD
  118. project rx7 in SCC Mag.
  119. Rear Coolong Tube for quick disconnect
  120. FMIC, DP, MP, CB and 12psi hp?
  121. Is resource selling his car?
  122. Racing Beat catback is on its way!
  123. New Pics with hood
  124. 3rd gen speaker Question
  125. Air bubble sounds from passenger side
  126. Correct AST Pressure Cap Operation
  127. Finally got some pics with my new hood!
  128. It's a boost question
  129. how much $$$ to go faster
  130. OIl Leak
  131. Without air pump..
  132. S-afc V2
  133. Anyone Have Experience with RSR Exhaust?
  134. Intercooler Question
  135. Why you wrecked your FD
  136. overheating
  137. Passing Emissions in California...
  138. water pump assembly
  139. Fog Light Switch, Defroster Switch... and???
  140. MazdaSpeed Front Diffuser
  141. coolant and oil
  142. suspension bushes (performance)
  143. Cant pass emissions.
  144. Winter Months
  145. Revs die at 6k
  146. Nismo?
  147. FD roll cage??
  148. I thought number 7 was suppost to be lucky...
  149. Super Big Sequential Vac Hose Diagram?
  150. Newb here
  151. blitz boost controller- non sequential safe?
  152. Who has 1200 SC injectors and 850 primaries?
  153. FMIC vs. SMIC
  154. no Engine FD can it be ran non turbo?
  155. stupid inspection stuff!
  156. oil in air filter?
  157. What happened to my car?
  158. "night" shot interior pics
  159. Block off plates
  160. Need a new clutch :(
  161. opinions of the aasco flywheel??
  162. Intercooler Question
  163. Trouble starting?
  164. Should be Easy question
  165. I'm finally getting my FD!!!
  166. high miles.......feeling a blown motor coming soon.....street ported or reman next?
  167. 1993 FD R1 rebuild project - your input welcom
  168. What major components need to be removed in order to remove the lower intake manifold
  169. Car Computer Just Released
  170. Buying an RX7
  171. Greddy profec e-01 and emanage any good?
  172. Car in the shop but curious of potential power-
  173. My wideband display and PFC Commander placement
  174. koyo vs fluydine radiator?
  175. Exhaust Leak Question
  176. Cost of operation per mile
  177. FD equipped with a tandem brake booster or single?
  178. Which short shifter kit should I get?
  179. greddy intercooler question
  180. So what is the final verdict on this problem....?
  181. charge relieve valve keeps poppin outta the y please!!!!
  182. Mines Ecu Any good
  183. I emailed Greddy about the problems w/ Spec II...
  184. Location of oil press. fuel press. & water temp Sensors
  185. What fuel pump is this (pics)???
  186. how do u relocate the climate control ???
  187. Someone please help
  188. Whose Car is This???
  189. What Springs with Ohlins?
  190. cold start, popping, high-idle and coughing help!
  191. Car is boosting at idle. Why?
  192. standard dash guage replacement?
  193. rx7 with some problems..can i fix it?
  194. What sensor to get with techedge?
  195. New PFC commander mount
  196. 10-8-8
  197. Any opinions on cd-2 high performance fuel kick?
  198. new 99 efini twins, damaged turbo precontrol actuator
  199. How does the M2 Medium mount?
  200. CarbonFiber Brake cooler ducts
  201. ECU, my stocker safe with a super loaded one?
  202. U-joints?
  203. started to polish...what a pain in the asz
  204. need primaries
  205. Post your intercooler shots here!
  206. noise when turning
  207. Need parts
  208. HKS hiper pic
  209. car heat
  210. Finally.. JDM TIME..
  211. Exhaust Hardware
  212. Rear Hatch Barely Pops Open?
  213. water inside pass. floorboard, help!
  214. need some help with engine install
  215. is there a way to clean the stock cat?
  216. How was your weekend?
  217. Do FD's have a camber kit stock?
  218. Does this sound like my 150k mile turbos may be on the way out?
  219. Can tt manifold be repaired or purchased seperately?
  220. Charge Relief Valve
  221. Potential dangers of no injector o-rings?
  222. another silly knock question
  223. More pictures and is it rebuildable?
  224. Ahhhhh--Fresh Coat of Zaino
  225. Bloody door handel broke!
  226. Anyone use underbody braces
  227. Anyone have Cusco Zero2 coilovers?
  228. whats the diameter on a stock FD elbow?
  229. The learning process to independent labor...
  230. Engine Rebuild / V-Mount Install Pictures
  231. Anyone else's FD have noisy calipers.
  232. FD in shop, diagnos is this...
  233. Medusa Head
  234. Thinking about this one, what do you think?
  235. Hard left turns at WOT = smoke screen
  236. Power FC Boost control question
  237. swaping 97 jdm to 93 us model.
  238. Getting sick from the fumes
  239. where's Trev Dagley & Kevin (from minnesota).. the 1st to break 11s in the FD?
  240. ADVICE needed: Rear brakes locking up
  241. haltech and boost control anyone?
  242. Me = Teh Sukc at replacing the fuel filter...
  243. About to Buy A FD
  244. Brake fluid mix up
  245. RX6 Fast-Passed IL Emissions!
  246. looking at the M2 dual tip......
  247. E- brake doesnt lock up the wheels........
  248. Does a 9.5lb flywheel make it less driver friendly?
  249. Any problem with downpipe only mod?
  250. Are stock PowerFC maps safe w/ 5 mods