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  1. Well crap.....I think it blew.....
  2. Headlight replacement... HID and such...Need some help!
  3. Swapping out tranny need advice
  4. Interest : V-Mount Intercooler set-up
  5. URGENT! URGENT! Backfire on a New Engine Causing Turbos to Blow
  6. break in time?
  7. air pump pulley stops for a sec....
  8. Removing AIR PUMP. NEED BELT
  9. PCV valve
  10. Do i need 2 manual boost controllers
  11. Won't go past 3k with boost.
  12. Stock Clutch?
  13. Is the SRMotorSports Intake the same exact thing as the M2 intake?
  14. stock twins and SMIC boost
  15. Power difference between my straight-pipe catback and the RB dual catback?
  16. Couldnt find a ferrari, so we got married in my FD!!
  17. Just got done with brother's fuel sump/pump/filter
  18. Woo Hoo...check my car pics
  19. Those with BNR Stage much boost???
  20. engine rebuild ????
  21. Started my A/C relocation...
  22. Blitz NUR spec cat back
  23. pics of my ASP medium intercooler
  24. Quick question from the NOOB
  25. poll (pre mix types)
  26. R1, R2, Touring, Suspension Differences
  27. looks before power?
  28. 'pop' during upshifts after installing catback
  29. T2 rear diff. question on FD
  30. possible to put a 99 spec lip on a C-West?
  31. Going to Airborne Coatings soon, what to bring?
  32. Brakes? need help!
  33. Loosing oomf after 7000 RPM
  34. My radiator filler neck housing is different?
  35. Milkshake in oil? Smells like fuel!
  36. Downpipe Questions
  37. Looking for an old Grassroots Article on a FD
  38. Quick Questions
  39. Fixing 3k stumble?
  40. Run Racing much??
  41. HELP! could be dangerous problem!
  42. Factory lugnuts
  43. Anyone see the Hell Rott Red NX RX7 on the cover of Super Street? Over 800hp...
  44. Mazda emblems on rear of car...gone!
  45. lube recommendations?
  46. Antifreeze smell inside the cockpit.
  47. Knock sensor was disconnected...
  48. need pic of stock
  49. Reliability of stock overboost fuel cutoff?
  50. Bad ass FD at mandeville autotech
  51. used 850's, is this going to be ok...?
  52. Streetglow/Endless FD3S show car!
  53. Audible airflow through the downpipe at idle?
  54. Oil leak
  55. Anyone with an RS-R Exmag exhaust?
  56. an FD question
  57. ProLong Engine Treatment?
  58. for those w/feed front bumpers. . .
  59. Finished Pics
  60. Any one running Cusco Type-RS LSD?
  61. Interior diagrams
  62. What to look for when buying an RX-7?
  63. Strut Dust Cover
  64. Godzilla-T78 Movie
  65. greddy profec b spec2 vs. blitz sbc-id
  66. Sealing braided brake and clutch line threads?
  67. HELP! My Car sounds like 93BlackFD's bridgeport
  68. passanger door sticking
  69. why buy a mazda ppf?
  70. Inner tie-rod (searched)
  71. okay i have the slide hammer and hub puller kit? what do i do now?
  72. boost controller question
  73. exhaust problems maybe? and 1/4mi. Q's
  74. mysterious damn hose!!
  75. Best boost controller to use w/ PFC
  76. day 2, still no starting after fuel pump install
  77. downpipe thermal wrap?
  78. high milage question
  79. *vid* my car running
  80. Autoexe forced induction airbox...
  81. Switched to S100.
  82. Info about the yumekobo fd3s
  83. Check out one of the 3 RX7's owned by youngsters in Belgium
  84. compression test
  85. joining the 100K club...what should i check?
  86. bonez downpipe for the best price where?
  87. RX7 1993 wont run,,,,expert advice
  88. C's short shifter install
  89. KG Differential Brace -- AWESOME!!!
  90. 51R optima battery at a great price
  91. Question on tuning Power FC
  92. upgraded gauges to fit stock dashboard - oil pressure & water temp
  93. Gauge install
  94. Door hinge adjustment, How?
  95. tested the water injection at the track.
  96. pics of my car when it was alive :(
  97. How do you remove the carpet??
  98. Max psi of 7..
  99. went to the track
  100. pics from LA meet in glendale!!!
  101. coolant overflow logic
  102. Who's waiting for an Engine?
  103. Just installed my new 93 front lights and repainted calipers...
  104. Few questions- gaskets, vacuum hoses, wastge gate
  105. half a tank of gas got me 7 miles away
  106. Clearing out the engine bay
  107. Engine check light
  108. Did stock rear spoilers on touring/PEP/etc. model come installed during production?
  109. why not a mid-size FMIC?
  110. Royal Purple engine oil: 10W30 or 20W50?
  111. MRCCAL meet pics
  112. Question On PETTIT ECU`s
  113. code 20 metering oil pump position sensor?
  114. What kind of ETs should I expect with 435 HP?
  115. could a bad fuel pump do this, or is the engine toast?
  116. 4.30 gears. Are they worth the money?
  117. HELP !!! - '99 TypeRS - Boost Problem
  118. buying my first rx7
  119. HELP! FD with 3k rev limit!!!!
  120. Non Sequential Colored Hose Diagram
  121. Front Mouth Intercooler please Help
  122. Valentines Day gift for my 7
  123. Alternative to Silicone or Viton hose?
  124. Convertable FD
  125. Chipped APEX seal? Please help ASAP!!!!
  126. should the secondary hit as hard as it does?
  127. Title Questions
  128. vaccum hose...
  129. burning oil affect a/f ratio?
  130. Front Cover Oil Leak
  131. Anyone ever replace their AC system?
  132. Launching your FD
  133. SX FPR not working?
  134. greddy ic pipe kit question?
  135. Stock FD rear lights...
  136. Efini Emblems
  137. New bumper is here!!!
  138. ok what do i do now that i removed my axle nut
  139. pettit DP and turbo studs
  140. Dual gauge center pod?
  141. Where to tap bung for Bosch O2 sensor?
  142. Run out of room for new guages, where to put fuel pressure?
  143. Question about my Peter Farrell boost gauge
  144. MOD question
  145. Serched no luck, What is the Alt. bolt size
  146. to port or not to port...wastegate on twins.
  147. My Engine Squeaks! Is it a Pulley?
  148. Need Some Advice, what mods next?
  149. Replacing brake rotors and pads, caliper spreader question
  150. K&N Airbox filter?
  151. How easy/hard to install Rotors???
  152. pics of my cym
  153. Fuel Cut Defender
  154. OK, fuel time!
  155. Needed Greddy BOV Fitting Instructions
  156. 90 Octane all they got
  157. Pics of my baby...
  158. another Intercooler Question
  159. help
  160. Just a reminder - Check your spare.
  161. When you sold your tranny...
  162. XS FMIC install pics plez
  163. any way to get bathurst suspension?
  164. Need Help Desperatly?!
  165. Breaking in a new OEM transmission?
  166. high idle
  167. Jimlab Bushings?
  168. half height pop up headlights
  169. a couple new pics of my car
  170. max boost
  171. cooling fan mod??? switch?
  172. Front Horizontal-mount IC
  173. How do I run 2 fuel pumps?
  174. yup....getting a rebuild...
  175. Removal of parts
  176. About this RA seals
  177. Need Help with Rx7 buy!?!
  178. Just ordered the RA rebuild video
  179. more selection for a spoiler
  180. Difference in Auto Tranny?
  181. Apexi
  182. reversed fuel lines
  183. Got My FD Last Night!!
  184. extremely bad flooding..need help
  185. Want to be an Rx7 mentor?
  186. Trouble Increasing boost
  187. Most mods without dyno tune?
  188. Headlight replacement
  189. RX7Club Meeting!!!
  190. Hard to start when hot
  191. Coolant prob..
  192. toe link goes where?
  193. would this be a good turbo change??
  194. rex need help!
  195. Apexi S-AFC
  196. gas on floor
  197. need help with autometer water guage
  198. Any way to have the stock paint "freshened up"?
  199. downpipe install help
  200. Anyone know where to buy 99's rear rotor?
  201. IKEYA FORMULA.. Sequential...
  202. Apexi PFC and Pettit Racing
  203. 13-5-7 boost pattern - upgrades listed, help please!
  204. hidden powa???
  205. waxrod and fast idle cam elimination?
  206. About to buy, questions!
  207. 3rd Gen Rx-7 years
  208. Any one know?
  209. Strange Transition Problem
  210. info on fd
  211. flywheel and clutch tools.....
  212. intercooler question
  213. Aftermarket Cooling fans for Stock Mount IC's.
  214. power fc.....where?
  215. Have you ever noticed smoke and whinning sound coming from exhaust
  216. What have you guys done about blown turbos?
  217. Aftermarket Oil Temp: Where to tap
  218. Oil Leak Question
  219. Should I use 850s or 550s?
  220. 13B-REW rebuild, compr. check
  221. pictures of brake duct cooler finnaly mounted on bigislands7's fd
  222. intercooler question ??
  223. PFC or AVC-R better ???
  224. SRMotorSports
  225. Trouble Increasing boost
  226. Intermittent Wipers Broke
  227. AVC-R Guru's I need your help (Speed Sensor)
  228. BOV On Greddy Elbow
  229. Megan Racing Downpipe??????
  230. FEED the FD!
  231. rjuge selling your car?
  232. how much horse power can a stock 93rx7?
  233. turbo timer
  234. Owned by a flywheel nut
  235. Anyone using AEM C2DI (ignition module)?
  236. Bending aluminum pipes
  237. what size nut is this???
  238. how universal is a blow off valve?
  239. aws causing serious danger NEED HELP
  240. SexyStyle FD3S!
  241. Car Cover Fit Question
  242. Damn hose!!
  243. how do i replace my cross threaded stud???
  244. best way...?
  245. Anyone Have Pictures Of MOUNTED HKS SSQV?
  246. Factory Keys
  247. what kinda battery do people use with their front mounts
  248. no car but got my wheels back from powdercoating
  249. Am I safe with a boost Controller?
  250. Too much backpressure?